Out with the old…

by Heidi on December 31, 2011

Fare thee well 2011 and on to 2012. Sorry for my pseudo hiatus, but vacation with hubs was necessary and I was off line (exception: instagram) for most of the past week.

So let’s review last years resolutions:

I did not run 12 races. But I did run like 7 races and and I did PR in a 10k and a ten miler.
I did not read 52 books. I may have come close but I stopped keeping track. I’ll do better next year. Maybe.
I did not take the GMAT (YET!) but I did sign up for an awesome CSS/HTML Course that starts in March!
I did not lose 20 lbs but I am on a better track and have lost 10 lbs since hubs went away in October.
I may have tried a new recipe each month. But I didn’t blog about them so I dunno.

I also got a new job. PR’ed in a 10k. Ran 2 more half marathons. Hubs joined the National Guard. I lived on my own for 12 weeks. I

Be Healthier

Run 12 races by December 2012. (i have my first 3 picked out in Feb, March and April!)
Also record each run for a goal of at least 50 miles per month
Complete a 30 day workout challenge each quarter (January, April, July and October)
Record all workouts. Take measurements. Numbers = progress. Progress = healthier and faster.
Practice yoga once per week
hot, yin, bikram. home or studio. Just practice.
Workout 3 days per week also keep food journal 5 days per week.
yoga doesn’t count. Running, Crossfit, classes, elliptical, biking does.

More Money…less problems

Spend three whole months not shopping (do not need to be consecutive – by December 2012)
Maintain $100/month allowance.

Work Harder

Be a Certified Personal Trainer by the end of the year with five clients (by August 2012).
Any advice on this one friends???
Ace my HTML/CSS Class and pick up 5 freelance clients by the end of the year (by May 2012/December 2012)
I am a good student. Don’t let my collegiate gpa fool you.

Blog better

Blog 5 days per week
Set weekly editorial schedule. it helps!
Design a new Life in Pink that better reflects me and where I’m going. (by June 2012)
Stick with blue and pink but make more whimsical and organized. Or something like that.
Participate in Project 365 – because I just got a fancy new camera for Christmas, this will actually inspire me to use it!
Instagram is okay too.

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