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by Heidi on February 15, 2012

Sooo I’m all registered for half marathon #4.

So if anyone wants to run a low key half in my hometown in Vermont with me that weekend and celebrate in the diviest of dive bars EVER let me know!

I started my training this week – fitting in a run before a major panic attack Monday night when I thought for a good hour I had lost my iPhone (seriously couldn’t breathe, hysterically crying, I was a mess). Last night however, I forewent my date with the treadmill to have a date with Menchies and Chuck Bass while finishing up the hubs’ Valentines Day gift that I’m hoping will arrive before I leave for Texas in NINE days. Seriously, can not wait to see my beloved.

Back to my training….

I’m really focusing on my speed this time around. I’ve gotten by as a minimalist training. Meaning if I run too much sometimes I get burnt out and then don’t train at all. But I want desperately to PR this race. I want to hit at least a 2:15:00 half marathon, but would be ECSTATIC with a 2:00:00 half marathon.

You can also check it out here

I’m not too proud to admit that I am a. not the fastest runner b. sometimes I hate running and would much rather you know, eat FroYo for dinner and watch Gossip Girl than go strap my feet to the elliptical for 30 minutes when I work a 10 hour day and don’t get home til 8p at night. Which is more often than not by the way (the whole getting home around 8p that is) because let’s be honest. Commuting into DC? Blows.  A lot more than I ever thought it would. It blows even more when you wake up and it’s dark out, the sun just barely starting to come up when you leave and then sun setting as you leave work and it being dark by the time you get home.

That my friends is no fun at all. It’s even less fun when you come home alone. And miss your husband with an aching that sometimes makes me cry at work, or on the bus or in the car. Seriously friends, I cry a lot because of this whole army thing.

And running, sure it gives me an out. It’s a great way to destress and I love running in Downtown Annapolis at night when the town is quiet and the state capitol is all lit up like a beacon. But it takes so much effort. I’ve been getting better – last week I ran 4 days (which is my weekly goal to run at least 3 days and cross train 2), and this week well, I’ve ran 1. Tonight I have a speed workout on the docket but I have a meeting with a potential freelance client so it’ll really depend on how long my meeting lasts.

Despite my neverending struggles with my own laziness (seriously it’s my own worst enemy), I have stuck with the #dcburpee challenge (4/4! I’ve been doing my burpees when I get home from work…you know…all like…3 of them).

Weigh in Wednesday…

Since it is that time of week again…. I know last week my post was a lil belated but whatevs.

All that running last week? Paid off.

Todays weight: 137.6
10 lb challenge starting weight:  143.2
Total loss for 10lb challenge: -5.6
Starting weight overall: 154(ish)

Total loss: -16.4

Wowza!! That running last week? Paid off. Two point six  pounds to go before San Antonio! HUZZAH! I mean you’d think that that in itself would be motivation to get my bum to the gym or strap my sneaks on but well…hmmph. It’s not always…we all have our flaws.

Goal for this week: Lay off the diet dr. p at work, stick to my training schedule and get more sleep. Sleep? What’s that? Having hubs an hour behind me means I stay up later chatting with him but I need to know when to put myself to bed because I could talk to that man all night long…all night…cue Lionel Richie here…

What are your weaknesses that tend to hold you back from your goals? 

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  • Adrienne Bennett

     I am SO glad you talked about the difficulty of training for a half marathon. I just finished my first, and man-oh-man, it was hard to get my butt running for all of training. I hope to train a little (at least) better next time around… We’ll see. Congrats on the progress!

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