What I wore Wednesday: JCrew Edition

by Heidi on April 4, 2012

Spring has sprung. Again. And I love it. And can I just mention, most people orange looks m’eh on them but I kind of like it!

Shoes: JCrew Outlet
Skirt: NY&Co
Cardigan: JCrew Outlet
Belt: JCrew
Necklace: JCrew

(Can you tell I big fat puffy heart JCrew?)

Last night I put my run aside, finished up one of two quizzes for the week (93% what what take that CSS!) and headed out to have a glass of wine with a pal down at Sly Fox. The weather was perfect and I loved hanging out with a gal pal chatting and enjoying some red wine and sweet potato fries (if you haven’t tried the sweet potato fries at Sly Fox GO NOW) rather than hanging out around my staycation home with the pups and my laptop.

Tonight though? I’m going to do my 45 minute tempo run (can I confess that I’m still not entirely sure how to run a tempo run?) and then head home, feed my cats and then go walk the dogs and do homework at my staycation house and get to bed early. Tomorrow, I’m going to run with the lululemon run club again and possibly hit up trivia at Hero’s with a gal pal and then Friday I’m running in the Fleet Sweet 4 mile fun run and then Saturday the Youth 5k + 6-8 miles.  SO MUCH RUNNING. But next week is my half and that means taper/rest/lots of yoga which I feel really really good about.

I think I can come in at a 2:15:00 time AT LEAST. Which will then be rewarded at the Shelburne Winery. Wine + Vermont + lake views + birthday + family = love.

How do you treat yourself during the week? 

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  • http://2dayswoman.com/ Raquel

    Hi there! Stopping by to say hi! Those colors look amazing on you! Love that orange top :-) 

  • mrsintraining

    Cute outfit!  I love orange :)

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