Chocolate Bunny Fun Run

by Heidi on April 7, 2012

Last night I ran the Fleet Sweet Chocolate Bunny Fun Run. It turned out to be about 3.85 miles (probably about 4 when you consider the run to Fleet Feet from where I was parked.

I picked up cute bunny ears from the dollar store but did NOT get a picture of me (d’oh) in them.

The Easter Bunny at the turn around point at the Annapolis Sweet Shoppe however, loved them!

This was after he gave me a big ole hug. Swoon!

We also got a chocolate bunny (and water!) to either eat there or run back with.

I ate half of it when I got back to Fleet Feet – it was pretty tasty!

I ran with Lauren – who I really like running with – she runs just faster than me enough where I’m challenged but not so fast that I’m left in the dust. We kept sub 10 minute miles which was awesome because that’s about where I want to be and I’m fairly confident that tomorrow I can get my sub 30 5k finally! Fingers crossed!


mile 1: 9:59
mile 2: 10:53 (i didn’t stop my watch when we paused for water and for the Easter Bunny. We were there for about a minute so this was probably 9:53)
Mile 3: 9:39
.8: 8:09

Hey look! Negative splits!

While I haven’t trained much for negative splits, I really want to give them a try next weekend. I’ve been thinking of my strategy. I used the run 5 minutes walk 1 for the Annapolis Half which worked well enough but not for a PR so I’m going to walk the water stops which is my usual strategy for the half next weekend. I’m hoping for negative splits – if I start around a 10:30 pace and gradually make my way to a 9:30 pace I’ll do pretty decently. Unfortunately, my longest run was a really slow run when I had company a couple of weeks ago which makes it hard to gauge. My 9 miler was somewhere between 1:30-1:40 so I think, I really do think that I can hit 2:15:00 next weekend if I push myself just far enough out of my comfort zone.

All in all, the fun run was an awesome way to run with a nice (rather small) group of people (including the Navy Women’s Marathon Team?! They have a whole marathoning team?!?! Jeeeeezzzzz) including running with Lauren again who is AWESOME. I really like her pace and need to make running with her a more frequent occurrence. “If you want to run fast, run with faster people.”


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