Race Recap: Annapolis Youth 5k

by Heidi on April 9, 2012

Saturday, I ran the Annapolis Youth 5k. It was awesome to be out there with so many young kids – seriously these kiddos are amazing – I wish I had had the drive and motivation when I was younger to do what these kids are doing. My first 1 mile fun run was when I was in 4th grade, and I didn’t run again until 8th grade. After high school? I didn’t run again until 2007. Six years! (I ran…sporadically in college but never competitively)

I was determined to PR this race. I’ve been seeing a sub 30 minute 5k on many of my training runs – especially my speed runs – and I knew, KNEW I could do the sub 30 that I’ve been driving for.

I ran over, figuring it would be a good way to add a couple extra miles and planned to get a 5 or so mile run in on the back end on the way back to the house I’m house sitting for.

I ran 3 before the race…the house was about a mile away from the start so I got there super early…only to realize I forgot my chip for my sneaks at home. So I ran back (thankfully it was like 8:15 by the time I got over there and the race started at 9 so I knew I had plenty of time). It was also good because I realized I was a little bit warm with the top I had put on so I had time to change as well.

Pre race 3 miles: 34:20
Avg pace: 11:23

I took it easy on those, and even walked a little bit on the first jaunt over there, because it was just a warm up and I didn’t want to tire out my legs.

5k: 28:30
avg pace: 9:11/mile
My garmin had me at 3.02 miles, but the course and I had the same time so I knew that my garmin might have been off by a little. Weaving, corners and all that shiz can always affect distance in these types of races. I don’t think I’ve ever run a race with my Garmin that was perfect on the distance.

3.5 miles 37:00
avg pace: 10:34/mi
I really wanted to get in one more long run before my half next weekend so while I ran 3 miles before the 5k, I had planned on after getting in about  5-8 miles anyhow. I felt a little sluggish but given the 5k I had just run it wasn’t surprising however, I did not stop to walk so #winning

Total distance: 9.6 miles
Total time: 1:39:20 (ish?)

That made my training for last week hit a peak of 25 miles (that includes walks with the pups that I was dog sitting all week).

Then last night a bunch of pals came out to kick off my birthday festivities since I’ll be in Vermont next weekend racing.

 {photo cred} @ Sly Fox. The night was young. And my hair…a mess. Whoops?

Then we moved on to Rams Head. Sly Fox doesn’t stay open late because of their restricted license which many bars downtown apparently have (especially ones with outdoor patios?)

Then my friend J ordered champagne. And I was like JIGGA WHAT?! NOT THE CHEAP STUFF EITHER.

I’ve been spoiled. Seriously, my friends have been my back bone and I couldn’t have made it through the past seven months without them. Without coworkers (new and old), family, friends, Junior League, and knowing that Adam is coming home safe and sound in now, 18 days.

Yes it sucks he’s in the field for the next 12 days. Yes. It sucks that I won’t be able to hear my husbands voice on my birthday but there are others sacrificing so much more and I have the utmost respect for them. Someday? I’m sure I’ll be in that boat and it’ll be a million times harder. I’m just going to thank god that he’ll be home soon.


I went to mass at St. Mary’s downtown. Easter has always been a family thing for both Adam and I and we always go to mass and usually cook a nice lunch (or have it with our family). So today was a little lonely but I still went to mass like a good Catholic. After, I kicked around and eventually made my way to Rams Head to meet Liz and Patrick for a late brunch/lunch. It was a beautiful day to be sitting out on the patio. I didn’t drink anything (not going to make it around the world like that Heidi…) since I’m on a modified detox this week (I will be drinking but no more than 1-2 when I go out if I go out…thought Thursday is a given).

After brunch (which was delish) we went to Menchies, and then I came home and lounged with the pups for the evening. It was a really nice weekend. And productive to boot (ish…).

Do you have any Easter traditions? 

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