What I Wore Wednesday

by Heidi on April 11, 2012

Edition:  Work events galore day! Also known as the day I scurried around Fort Meade!

skirt: express (from HIGH SCHOOL!!!)
Sweater: JCrew (another Jackie…)
Shoes: JCrew Outlet
Necklace: JCrew
belt: JCrew Outlet

I need to seriously fix the lighting in my room because that’s just not going to cut it. Also don’t mind the mess. I need to clean my room tonight so I’m not frantically packing at 4am on Friday before I head to BWI for my 630a flight to Burlington.

I know it’s similar to last weeks outfit and just so I’m not horribly boring, I’m going to throw in a What I’m Wearing BIRTHDAY edition since tomorrow is my birthday and I already have my super-dee-duper cute birthday outfit planned. Of course I do.

Anyhow…onto the pseudo-healthy living part of my blog?

I joined the Annapolis Striders last night – marking ANOTHER item off my 30 before 30 list. #winning I’m pretty excited because now I can run their races for like…pocket change and I’m also hoping to volunteer for a race before the end of the year too! Joy!

I also ran with the Fleet Feet Tuesday night run group which is likely to become a more regular event on the calendar. I really enjoyed it, it was a nice 4 mile loop around town and the pace was perfect. Just so challenging that I pushed myself but not so challenging I felt like a slow poke.  Thoroughly enjoyed myself and since I have 3 labs to do tonight, I’m not making it to yoga. And I need to pack. And clean. and OMG WHY IS THERE NEVER ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY?!?!

{insert panic here}

Are you a member of a run club?

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  • Dressage5

    Heidi, as one of the two race directors for the Annapolis Striders Anniversary Run in December of each year, I officially invite you to join the army of volunteers we require to put on this race :) welcome!


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