Race Recap: VT Unplugged Half

by Heidi on April 16, 2012

Ya’ll… I PR’ed again. I’m so excited and pumped and proud! I worked so hard and trained so much better than previous races and oh em gee…it showed. Who woulda thunk that if you train well (and put over 100 miles into training)

It was a tough one but with every race – PR or no, you learn something right? Right. I’ll get to that after.

{Me @ the starting line with 624ish of my closest pals}

So this weekend was half marathon #4 – VT Unplugged Half. The race started at 9a. I had gone to bed the night before around 11 and woke up at 7 so I was fully rested and ready to go. I had shot blocks with me, a small water bottle, and my ipod all queued up. Then we were off. The first 2 miles were an out and back loop – the back part was on a gravel bike path which I did not like so much.

Then it was onto the bike path along the lake the whole way down.

 How beautiful is that?! Seriously. That’s where I grew up friends.  This picture may in fact get framed and put up on the wall in our living room.

At mile 11 I hit my wall. I feared I would. My longest run was 10 miles – which I hit around 1:40:00 and I knew I could do a sub 30 5k but my legs just became lead. Up until that point I was keep sub 10:00/miles (the one time i had to stop to tie my shoe around mile 5 effed up my splits)

I really wanted to hit sub 2:15:00 and it would have been doable but around mile 11 I had to stop again to tie my shoe and I also did a couple run/walk intervals to help ease the pain in my IT bands.

 finishing strong!

Official time: 2:16:11

Super stoked about my new PR!

After the race the afternoon consisted of two of my absolute favorite things…

cake and wine.

My sister and I had purchased a LivingSocial deal to Shelburne Winery a while ago and it did not disappoint. Most of the wines were  a bit too acidic for my liking but a couple were tasty – I didn’t buy any bottles since I knew they wouldn’t travel well (based on previous experience traveling with glass bottles of booze) but next time Hubs and I drive up we’ll definitely be stopping there!

Lessons learned from this half:

1. Long runs matter – Next time I want to ramp up my long runs to 12-13 miles. I had intended on doing this but time got away from me with the trip to CT.

2. FUEL – I fueled well and got a great nights rest the night before. It really helped my mentality on Saturday AM.

3. Don’t underestimate the taper – I think i over-tapered this week. I had intended on getting in a yoga class and a couple runs but just didn’t have the time. I ran once on Tuesday and that was it.

4. Pacing counts! I had been pacing myself to run sub 10 minute miles and for the most part it worked out quite well. That was the pace I had run most of my runs at and I really think with a bit more hard work I can get my pace into the 8:00 min/mile range and hit a sub 2:00:00 half in December in Annapolis.

What lessons did you take away from your most recent race?

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  • http://www.nonsequiturchica.blogspot.com/ Nonsequiturchica

    Congrats on your new PR!  For my half last year (first one, did all of my long runs with a Fleet Feet program), we got up to 12 miles two weekends prior to the race and then only ran twice the week of the race (2-3 miles).

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