The Last Week…

by Heidi on April 23, 2012

It’s my last three days as a pseudo single gal. Huzzah!!! Seven months of being alone…and I survived!!! I’ll post more on that before Wednesday because holy crap y’all…I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself and about hubs and I. The strength of love is a wondrous thing when it boils right down to it.

I’ve got a lot to do before o’dark thirty on Thursday when I head to BWI to fly to San Antonio to bring my husband HOME. HOME FRIENDS! He’s coming home :)

First…a weekend recap.

It was a productive weekend…ish. Starting with the Junior League Gala friday night. The event was tons of fun, featured some amazing chefs (it was “Moonlight Masquerade, a Chefs by the Bay event”) and was an overall amazing and beautiful night – so many kudos to our Gala committee who did an awesome job with the event. I for one, can’t wait til next year!

My fabulous dates including Sarah Jane (left also my committee chair), Jason and Anne Marie.

After the event, we brought the party downstairs to Pussers. My friends through Junior League are all so amazing. So much love for all the gals I’ve met through this amazing organization.

Then I ran into my pal Sarah in the bathroom!

I spent yesterday recovering, I am so not used to 2a mornings anymore. At all. But that’s cool cause sometimes you need a day to catch up with your Tivo. Which is precisely what I did until about 2pm.

When I finally peeled myself off the couch and made myself presentable, I went shopping and got two cute dresses from H&M and the hubs some new shorts (that fit!) for next weekend when he gets home – he really wanted a new pair of Nantucket Reds so I popped up to the Arundel Mills outlets and hit up the JCrew Outlet (since they were like half the price there that they were at the regular JCrew here in Annapolis)

One of the two dresses i bought at H&M, is it just me or is H&M totally taking inspiration from Kate Middleton’s closet lately?

I finally satisfied a craving I’ve had for sushi lately…

Philadelphia rolls and salmon rolls are my favorites.

I didn’t really get any workouts in this weekend (whoops?) but I ate, for the most part, half way decently. Except for the soda and popcorn I had at the movies today when Sarah and I went to see Titanic in 3-D. Whoops?

This week…

I think I need to sign up for another big race soon. I’m feeling a little sedentary and without training for something I lose focus super easily and fall back into bad habits. read: this weekend.

Monday: Hot yoga in the AM
Tuesday: Fleet Feet run club 3-5 miles
Wednesday: hot yoga in the AM
Thursday: TEXAS!!!
Friday: Texas!!!!!
Saturday: Running with the hubs before Annapolis Cup :)

I’m totally on a hot yoga kick lately, unfortunately, my wallet will not allow me to be on a hot yoga kick forever so I’ve really gotta get back into running. I think with the hubs back next week, it’ll be much easier since we’re both super excited about staying in shape together. I mean, I like working out alone to some extent but it also gets kind of lonely not gonna lie.

How was your weekend friends??

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  • Nonsequiturchica

    YAY for your reunion with your husband.  Have a GREAT WEEK!  :-)

    • legallyheidi

      awww thanks gal :) You have a great week also :) (every week really should be great, though we know they aren’t always)

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