Last Single Girl Meal

by Heidi on April 26, 2012

I’ve become the master of cooking for one. Much better than my former single girl days when I would often be known for eating ice cream out of a carton a few spoonfuls at a time, cooking mac and cheese, quesadillas, nachos or cereal. I pretty much lived off the worst (most common collegiate..) foods until well into my days in DC. Thankfully by that point it wasn’t that I was so much of broke (well kind of) but more lazy. That’s always been my issue with cooking. If it weren’t for the food court in the mall near my old pre-husband apartment, I’m pretty sure I would have starved out of sheer laziness to cook. That wasn’t always the case…but often.

The other night I cooked a meal and had left over pasta and put some aside that wasn’t mixed in with my mac and cheese (scheduled post coming up about that on Friday!) that I improvised with what I had (what I really wanted? Was Annie’s mac and cheese…with broccoli. but I didn’t have any and was too lazy to drive over to the store).

So last night after I got home from work and running errands, I cooked up my last meal as a pseudo single girl.

1 1/2 c. whole wheat pasta (I used bowties)
1/2 c. organic vodka sauce
1 apple chicken sausage link
dash of parm

Was the perfect proportion. Filling. Rather healthy for the most part and one of my all time favorite meals. When I was younger, my mom would cook spaghetti with sausage and my sister and I would dig the leftover sausage out of the pan eating just that instead of heating up a full plate. The next person to eat leftovers would be all like WTF M8! I’m pretty sure that my love of sweet italian sausage (TWSS! TWSS!!!! There I beat you all to it) is what’s keeping me from being a vegetarian. Womp womp.

Anyhow, so this meal is a far healthier cry from my former single girl days. But now that I’ve finally ah-hem, mastered the art of cooking for one? Hubs is comin’ home! Thankfully I’ll take my skillz I learned (ah-hem portion control?! How else did I lose 18+ lbs? Meal planning, and thensome) and take them to the bank and by bank I mean my kitchen. Hubs and I are excited about being more active together and participating in more races as a couple rather than him being on the sidelines.

Since I’m in Texas for the two days, and have no workouts to report of but Hubs and I are running an impromptu 5k on Saturday which should be fun. Not sure I’ll hit my PR but I’m still going to go for sub 30 minutes! In the meantime…kittehs are going to hold down the fort.

What’s one of your favorite easy healthy meals? 

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  • Jennifer@knackfornutrition

    I am so happy you are picking up your husband today. I know it’s been a long road but you made it!! We’re all thinking about you today!

    • legallyheidi

       thanks lady <3 MISS YOU BTW!!! :(

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