New Goals, new month!

by Heidi on May 1, 2012

April showers bring May flowers. Or something like that. April flew by friends! I ran 3 races, celebrated my 9th 21st birthday, brought my husband home and worked my first 45 days at my job that is not so new anymore. Surprisingly, I’m still loving it though.

Let’s recap April goals

PR Again. Done and done. 2:16:11 on my half and 28:11 on a 5k.

Run 75 miles. Fail. But I did hit 50 which is still pretty decent. I also took two weeks off and did a helluva lot of yoga after my half marathon. I was a little burnt out so I was cool with not hitting this goal. Also do you use daily mile? If so? Let’s be friends

Be solid under 135 by the time Hubs comes home. I weighed in at 134.8 just before I left for San Antonio. So that’s close enough for me :)

Get at least a 90% in my HTML/CSS class I’m taking. That’s a whole ‘nother issue. I dropped the class because the professor couldn’t help me because I’m a mac user which to me is unacceptable. The answer when I ask for help should not be “go to the computer lab on campus” when someone takes an online course? Generally it’s because they don’t have time to take the course in person. I realized however, that I am not a web designer and I am most definitely NOT a web developer. So there’s that.

May Goals

Hit 250 miles for the year This requires me to run about 60 miles in the month of May. Doable if I stick to about 15-20 miles per week as I’ve been doing.

See 130. Which means losing about 5 lbs. Doable if I don’t eat out and drink as much as hubs and I are sometimes known to do.

Sign up for Army & Annapolis Ten Milers, and Dover AFB Half in June. That’ll mean I will have run almost all of my 12 races in 12 months by the end of October.

Plank a Day. I started this in april and was doing okay with it, but I got off track last week with how busy I was and my trip to San Antonio. I’ll get back into it though and hopefully by the end of May? Be able to hold a 2.5 minute plank. Moving to a 5 minute plank in June :)

Post 3 times per week over on NewlyMarylanders. I really want to make this something and I know I can. I just need to jump on it and stick with it. Now that hubs is back though that should be easier.

Get my CPR Certification so I can take my ACE exam in June! Me? A certified personal trainer?! Whodathunk. It will happen though! I’m getting closer and closer :) Stay tuned for more workouts (though I’m mostly a runner I do have some fun workouts up my sleeve not gonna lie :) )

What are your goals for the month of May? How did your goal setting go in the month of April? 

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