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by Heidi on May 7, 2012

After my work event on Saturday morning, we had a Groupon for the Chesapeake Wine Festival. We went last year and had an amazing time. The weather this year, though a lil overcast, was beautiful (yet again). The wine was amazing though it felt like they had less vineyards there this year than last and many just…weren’t that good.

wine fest

they did however, have Boordy Vineyards, which is located north of Baltimore and one of my favorite wineries in the area. We went there for our anniversary last year!

I was first introduced to Smith Island Cake on my birthday when my friend Jason bought me a slice over at Boatyard. One of the vendors had the cake so hubs and I split a piece – it was delicious.

After the wine fest, we hit up Yellowfin for happy hour with my friend Sarah and her beau Mike – half priced apps are always a win. We were there and got to watch the Derby. I hadn’t picked a horse but it was pretty awesome to see “I’ll have another” come from behind to win!

After the business of working, the wine fest and dinner, we had a quiet night in with some Menchies and more wine and got to bed early.


We slept in a little – which was really not conducive to fitting in a 7 mile run. Whoops. But we made it to church (albeit 15 minutes late though still in time for communion!). Then we were going to hit up the downtown farmers market but missed that too.

So instead we scrounged for parking, and got lunch, walked around the first annual Annapolis City Fair, and up to the First Sunday Arts Fest on West Street.

We had a nice lunch from the Big Cheese/Sammy’s Deli on Randall Street – a tasty little downtown Deli. The ingredients were so fresh!!

City Fair goings on. Including giant chess match and lots of vendors.

After we walked up to the Art Festival on West Street – so many fun booths!

We even got to see some of the May Day baskets left over! I love spring in Annapolis!

We came home after running errands a bit worn out. I sat down to rest, in my running clothes but was more inclined to nap than I was to run for over an hour. So we didn’t. #fail.

But we did have a delicious stir fry dinner on the balcony and got to bed at a decent hour so that was a win and totally helped us run 5 miles this morning!

How was YOUR weekend?

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  • http://prettysandyfeet.com/ katelin

    a wine festival sounds like my new favorite thing, haha. seriously looks like a lovely afternoon. 

    • legallyheidi

      :) You would LOVE a wine festival. :) 

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