Foodie Friday: Burgerlicious

by Heidi on May 11, 2012

Before trivia last night, hubs and I made a quick dinner. We’ve made it before, but I couldn’t find where I had ever blogged about it. Many thanks, as the credit is not mine, for the wonderful ladies at We Are Not Martha for this recipe – it’s a summertime favorite over in these parts.

Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers

1 egg, beaten
1 clove of garlic, minced
2 ounces feta cheese
roughly 5 ounces frozen spinach (thawed and squeezed dry)
a dash of paprika (adjust to your liking)
salt and pepper to taste
1 lb of ground turkey

We modified and used 2 eggs, bread crumbs, salt & pepper, turkey, feta and spinach.

Mix all together. Form into patties. Grill till cooked through about 15-20 minutes. Enjoy.

Yes I made a smiley face on my sandwich thin.

All in all a pretty healthy meal. Followed by a happy hour with the Striders where I got more info on joining a team to run a ragnar relay in January from Miami to Key West. Then trivia with my colleagues up in Millersville.

Enjoying a Natty Boh as big as my head. They’re $2.75 at trivia. #winning

Ragnar January 2012 incredibly tempting but will also be very expensive which isn’t really feasible with Adam not having a job at the moment. While I could get a second job, save up, it just doesn’t seem fair (which is what I seem to be saying a lot lately…) to him/us for me to invest in an experience that I can’t enjoy with him. That being said, we were talking also about making a trip west to visit my sister in law (adam’s baby sister) and running a race out there. Both trips would knock off a couple from my 30 before 30 list but

Besides, it would be even better if I could just get a company like New Balance or Newton to sponsor me for a team doing a race like this (how did those amazing bloggers get picked for Reach the Beach?? And how do I get in on something like that?? HI SPONSOR ME! I WILL BLOG ABOUT YOU AND TELL EVERYONE HOW AWESOME YOUR SHOES ARE – which I already do re: my Newtons.)

But what I’m MOST stoked about for next year? Is the fact that Nike Women’s Half is coming to DC in Spring 2013. I peed a little. I’m hoping to rope in TLB, and that will be my big 30th birthday race :)

Happy Friday freaders!

What/where is YOUR dream race??

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  • Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC

    Have you thought about contacting either New Balance or Newton to ask about sponsoring? Can’t hurt really? Could it be something through FitFluential? (Wow, that’s a lot of question marks!)

    • legallyheidi

      i haven’t but that’s mostly because i don’t like asking people for things, if i want to take my blog to the next level i think i need to start though :) and possibly? I don’t really know. 

      • katelin

         I definitely recommend reaching out to them. I might still have a contact for New Balance actually since they sent me shoes for review once (& still love & wear them!).

        Also those burgers look so tasty, if only I could get Matt to eat something with so much green in it, haha.

        • legallyheidi

          o.O what do you say though? Are you just like, hi, i blog. i love your product. Send me free shiz? (Adam suggested sending a video of “pour some sugar on me”…not sure that’s the impression I’m going for though)

          make them for him. just don’t tell him what’s in them. They’re meaty deliciousness. 

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