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by Heidi on May 15, 2012

Yesterday morning we did a modified workout of the failed workout on Sunday. Which would have been a great workout except hubs and I both thought the bleachers were being used so we vowed to go back later…and never made it back. Whoops

But yesterday we fit in a quick workout before work at the gym since it was rainy – 1 mi warm up run, 3 sets of 20 pushups, crunches, arm dips and tuck jumps and a quick .25 mi run home.

Tuesday: rest (it was pouring this morning, and I stayed up late)
3-5 mi
800m w/u, 1200m/800/400/200 w/ 400m rest 800m c/d (~3.5)
run 3-5 mi
Girls on the Run 5k followed by 5 miles (total 8.1)
Sun: rest

Yes friends, I stayed up late last night. It was so so worth it though….

Hubs and I are both officially registered for:

Apparently it sold out by 9a so the late night last night was definitely worth it!

So that puts me at 16 races left for the year. I’m pretty sure I can find at least ten more in there. I might not be the fastest runner but running races excites me to run and train and keep up this level of fitness and keep getting better. Everyone has to find that thing that gets them moving. Right? Races are mine.

1 ten miler (Oct)
4 half marathons (June, Sept, and 2 in December)
4 10k’s (2 in June, 1 in Oct, and 1 in November)
6 5k’s (throughout the summer, and fall I’m sure I’ll add to this number)
1 15k  (December)

What gets YOU moving?

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