Running Streak

by Heidi on May 24, 2012

Sooo….I noticed yesterday on the Twittersphere that Runners World is doing a  running streak from Memorial Day to Independence Day. (At least) one mile per day. As fast or as slow as you want. I missed the one from Thanksgiving to New Years – bummer – but I’m stoked to get in on some running challenges.

I can do that. Never mind that I’ve failed every photo challenge I’ve tried since January but this time? Well this is different. I can’t “forget” to run. That doesn’t happen. I get lazy sure but this is a reason NOT TO. Right? Right.

Adam’s going on his two week training on June 3 through the 18th. This gives me at least another 38 miles to my mileage. I’m about 13 miles away from hitting 250 which I’m hoping to get by this weekends end. Then it’ll be onward to 300! Maybe I can finally get that 75 mile month I’ve been chasing after and hit like…325! I won’t have a 1000 mile 2012 but I could maybe hit 750 right?

Are you in?

On another note…

Last week Whole Foods had $1 burgers. I may have instructed the husband to stock the eff up. Which he did. Among that deal were salmon burgers which we cooked up last night and oh em gee.

I cooked up some sweet potatoes. I threw my salmon burger on a bed of spinach, added some tzatziki sauce from TJ’s. It was…quite noms.

I initially thought about putting some soy sauce on top – I think next time I’ll have make a soy type glaze for them. That would be even more nom.

I’m still not super great with sweet potatoes – generally I’ll do like salsa and black beans but I didn’t think that would fit with the salmon. It would have though ohhh it would have. Hindsight is always 20/20…especially with food. I’m not too experimental with the stove – I cook and eat largely what I know, so this was kind of a step for me (even though I love Salmon…usually with sushi…or something similar). This is also probably why you all see the same FIVE recipes over and over again (okay maybe like ten…) but then again, I’m not trying to be a food blogger so it’s okay.

How do you experiment in the kitchen? Where do you find inspiration??

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