by Heidi on May 30, 2012

Who knew training for a triathlon would be tough (/end sarcasm). I’m day 3 in the running streak and day 2 in training and I’m ready to go to bed and stay in bed til July 22.

That said, this mornings workout was a really really good one. We swam for about 25 minutes and got in about 500 yds, I think. I lost count but I know we did around 10 or so round trip laps (so down and back = 1 lap and each way is 25 yds).

After, we scooted home to fit in a short run. The plan had me running for 30 minutes – we did 25, though I had planned for 20 since we were running a bit short on time.

My goal was to get out the door by 6a to swim til 6:45 (i figured it would take me about 15 minutes to get into the pool once I got there), and then home to run til 7:30a.

We were in the pool at 6:55a.

Apparently, there was a mis-communication about the snooze button. *#&)$&Q@!!!!!!!!

All said, it was a good workout. 500 yds is a little over a quarter mile and since my race is a half mile, I know I need to be able to do about 20 laps (18.6 is a half mile based on yardage etc…) so I have a ways to go. We changed and rushed home and got in a 2.25 mile run in about 25 minutes. My legs were like…holy crazy lady! And my hips? Were feeling a bit…well they made themselves known today.

I should also note, I was ready for bed by noon.

Week 1 of Triathlon training is officially kicking my A – and not because of the workouts (though one might think) but because I’ve ran the past five days straight and I won’t have a real rest day til July 4 (you can bet I will be taking July 5th as a sit on my rear day). But I’m already trying to find a second triathlon to register for – considering Dewey Beach Triathlon in September…though I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself. I just really, really like challenges. It’s called ambition right? (ambition is not synonymous with craziness is it?)

Tomorrow, we’ve got a short run in the morning (streak day 3!), a meeting with a possible *freelance* (literally free…) blogging opportunity (more on that once everything is finalized!) and then I’m biking home from work via B&A Trail (it’s only 10 miles…I say that like I can do it in my sleep though I’ll probably be crying out of fear all the way down the B&A trail once I get to the Naval Academy Bridge…)

Happy Wednesday! (PS What I Wore Wednesday is still around…it’s just going to be a day late. Not a dollar short though!)

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