Ending the Streak

by Heidi on June 5, 2012

I was doing so well. I technically started my run streak on the 26th, so I managed to get 7 days in straight.

Saturday I ran my 10k, and Sunday, I had a swim and a bike on my training schedule.

After the 11 mile bike, I couldn’t fathom putting on my sneakers and run – not even for 15 minutes.

So instead? I went sailing and said I’d see how I felt when I got home thinking I’d be home at a somewhat decent hour. I didn’t get that run in friends and thus I broke the #rwrunstreak with just about a month to go. Wamp wamp.

It was really a perfect day yesterday but I was exhausted – more so than I initially thought I was. Friday night had been rough, and Saturday night, despite the fact that hubs and I kept it low key with a simple dinner out to Tsunami in Annapolis, the exhaustion crept up on me.

Needless to say, Sunday we got up at 5:30a (hubs was up at 5a) so we could leave the house before six to get down to La Plata for a 7a formation before he shipped out for his two weeks. It was…an early morning.

Still, I went home, vegged for a bit with the Kardashians, and then headed over to the pool to get in a 30 minute swim (1250yds) and then headed up to the B&A trail to get in my hour long bike that my training plan called for. It all felt good, really good, but I still have some training to go before I’ll be completely comfortable with these transitions.

Either way,  Sunday night when I got home at 9p, my body just wanted rest. My original plan yesterday AM was to get up, run then head over for the swim. I did not get up to run. I did make it to the swim but taking yesterday off from running was the best thing I could have done for myself. I did however, go running last night – was perfect weather and had a perfect run in downtown Annapolis.

This weeks workouts

Monday: 30 min swim/20 min run
Tuesday:  30 minute bike
Wednesday:  strength/run 30
Thursday: swim 30/bike 45
Friday: run 30
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Run 35/bike 60

The run workouts on days when there’s another workout are going to be optional since I’ve begged off the run streak, I don’t want to burn out and be under-trained for my triathlon so really this is not a bad thing – at least thats what my body and my legs are telling me.

Any triathletes have any suggestions in regards to training? How do you keep yourself from burning out? 

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