You May Have Already Guessed….

by Heidi on August 23, 2012

But I’m going to make the official announcement….

It started with this….

Taken in July after we got home from Vermont.

Then this.

So there’s the big secret and the reason behind the lack of running, pulling out of Ragnar, the tiredness, the pasta (constantly).  No it wasn’t planned but yes it is welcomed and we are beyond thrilled!

More to come soon!

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  • Lauren

    OMG congrats! Your baby may share my birthday (29th) :)

  • nonsequiturchica


  • Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC

    OMG congratulations Heidi!!! And Adam too I suppose since he did have a part in this ;)
    This was not expected at all! Or maybe I’m just oblivious to the lack of running, tiredness, pasta, etc. :)
    Planned or unplanned, it’s truly a blessing! Clearly God had other plans for you two! I can’t wait to follow you on the journey (and hope to join you through it sometime soon…)

  • Laura Melnik

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

  • Jennifer


  • christine

    SO THRILLED FOR YOU! Love the save the date, too. So cute. Expect an e-mail from me soon! Till then, CONGRATS! Many mocktails and lots of love, xx.

  • OurLittleAshley

    Take it from me – surprise babies happen to be the BEST KIND! ;)


  • Katelin

    weeeeee congrats lovely lady!!

  • Sonya

    Congrats! I admit that this was my guess for the big secret;)

  • Mrs in Training

    Yayyyy congrats!

  • themoderngal

    Congrats :)

  • Stephanie He

    Congrats Heidi!!! :)

  • A Super Girl

    I knew it! Congrats!!

  • Lisa

    Congratulations! That’s such exciting news!

  • Jessica

    Congrats! Such exciting news.

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