Ten Week Update

by Heidi on September 4, 2012

So, I should have posted this last week, but my blogging mojo, along with everything else, has been next to nuffin’. Sorry freaders, I kind of left you all hangin’ after my announcement. I’m hoping to get back on that ball this week. Anyhow, let’s start the weekly updates!

 {please disregard my lack of makeup and messy hair}

Baby is…ten weeks and five days. The size of a Kumquat and has entered the fetal stage – meaning the most crucial developments have occurred. Huzzah! It certainly beats the grape or lentil bean Baby was when we first found out. No we don’t know the sex yet, though I’m eager to find out. Later today is my first big girl appointment since I had my blood test around six weeks or so.

How I’m feeling… sore. Not only are my breasts really really sore (and my how they’ve grown!) I’m literally dealing with a pain in the butt. Something with either my sciatic nerve or my piriformis being pinched or compressed. Has made walking painful let alone running so I’ve been a bit sedentary lately (thus the lack of blogging). Thankfully a couple friends at work gave me a couple stretches Friday afternoon that are amazingly helpful.  Other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty decent. I sleep pretty decently sans the at least one time a night I now get up to pee. Morning sickness hasn’t been a huge issue but when it is, it’s just unproductive nauseousness. I’d much rather be puking my brains out than just feeling like I’m going to all day long no matter what or how often I eat. Grazing helps the nauseousness but sometimes, I’m really not that good at grazing, especially when I’m busy. However, mostly I just miss being active. I sold my Army Ten Miler bib to a good friend of ours, which is good because Adam will still have someone to run it with wamp wamp. I just miss lacing up my sneaks and feeling wind in my hair and the accomplishment of a nice 4 mile run. I miss biking ten to twenty miles. I miss swimming, I miss signing up for races. I just…really miss being active.

What I’m eating…Pasta. Really anything pasta. It’s hearty and doesn’t make me nauseous. Also, cereal. Specifically Froot Loops. And ice cream – cookies and cream. I have NOT been eating eggs, peanut butter, or crabs. Adam is a bit upset by that because he wants to make sure Baby is a “true Marylander” and enjoys crab anything as much as he does.

Weight gained…since I found out I was with child? About 2-3 lbs on any given day. I blame the pasta. This does not in fact include the five pounds I gained when Adam finished his Army National Guard training and finally came home.

Here’s hoping I can get moving a little bit more in week 11 (which in theory ya’ll will read about on like…Thursday :) )


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