13 week update

by Heidi on September 21, 2012

Baby is…thirteen weeks! Last week of the first trimester (finally)! Baby is about the size of a shrimp this week and weighs about an ounce and now has fingertips and facial features that are becoming more individualized.

How I’m feeling… gassy. Really just…bloated and gassy. Though the nauseousness has mostly subsided which is a positive and I’ve been not falling asleep at sundown which is also a plus. This week I went for a 3 mile run/walk which is the longest I’ve ran since we found out about baby Schmidt, and tonight I’m going to restorative yoga. Moving feels really good.

What I’m eating…. I’ve started eating better – noshing on cucumbers for snacks and trying to diversify my meals outside of pasta and cereal. The craving of this week though is cherry coke. Only fountain cherry coke (though preferably cherry pepsi) though. Not the crap out of a bottle or can. I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest of cravings – but I’ve been limiting the craving and drinking a lot more water.

Weight gained…. I consider myself to have gained about three pounds total in the first trimester. Not too shabby, and about on track for where all the books say I should be. Now that I have a bit more energy I want to start making more time to walk and run – the past seven weeks or so I’ve just been drained so hopefully moving around (walking, running, swimming, yoga…) will help me not feel so slothful.

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