Week 15 update

by Heidi on October 8, 2012

Baby is… Fifteen weeks and four days! I know, I know I forgot the 14 week update but we’re now heading well into trimester DOS or, better known as the Golden Trimester from what I’ve read. Baby this week is the size of an apple – about 4″ long! Baby now can move amniotic fluid through its nose and upper respiratory tract helping the air sacs in the lungs develop. Baby’s legs are finally longer than the arms and all limbs can move around now. Though the eyelids are still fused shut, baby can sense light – if you shine a light at the tummy, baby will likely try to move away from the light beam. Though our ultrasound isn’t for another few weeks (November 1!!)

How I’m feeling…pretty good for the most part. My lower back is still really bothering me – and causing, quite literally a massive pain in the tush so running has still been not happening. Which makes me quite sad because I always envisioned myself having a super active pregnancy but that hasn’t happened yet. Although, Friday night I did go to restorative/gentle yoga (and may have been the youngest one there…) which felt amazing so there’s that.

What I’m Eating…pretty much the same. Though I have been enjoying my fair share of black bean burritos from Taco Bell for lunches (within reason obviously). I have been better about limiting my insane cherry coke/pepsi addiction and have been limiting it to one a day and this week, I’m going to stop having them after work. Apparently having a large caffeinated beverage before bedtime will keep you awake. Who knew! Also, still not enjoying crab meat or bananas. Both have made me insanely nauseous this weekend. Sad pants.

Weight gained…four pounds roughly. Though apparently starting at week 16 you start gaining a lot more weight. I’m ready for it, and I’ve been eating when I’m hungry, and not going super crazy with over indulging. Of course there are people who are all like WATCH WHAT YOU EAT OMG GESTATIONAL DIABETES ZOMG!!!1111 But either way, doctor says I’m looking good and I eat when I’m hungry until I’m satisfied and try to keep everything relatively healthy.

Doctor says…had my 15 week check up this week and she told me to “keep being perfect” meaning my vitals are all amazing (yay for regular blood pressure!) and all my blood tests from my last appointment and my 12 week ultrasound a couple weeks ago came back normal. Huzzah! Keep growing healthily baby!


side note: there’s no 14 or 15 week photo because 1. i forgot to have hubs take the 14 week photo (do you realize how fast weeks go by these days?! REALLY FAST!!!) 2. I didn’t like how any of the 15 week pictures looked so I vetoed them all. 16 week picture coming Wednesday. promise. (there’s not really much to show yet though people have started to notice a slight baby bump and i’m getting increasingly more and more uncomfortable in pants without my belly band. Sooo there is something there I s’pose.) But we did make progress on the baby room front and all the books from the two massive bookshelves we have are now boxed up. Next step is to sell said bookshelves on craigslist. Baby steps – no pun intended.

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