Week 16 – Week of the Avocado

by Heidi on October 16, 2012

Just as week 17 is about to start, here’s my week 16 update! Better late than never and this past week has been filled to the max with…stuff that I kind of can’t remember.

Baby bump…is totally a bit more pronounced. Very curious to see where I’m at by the end of the month – by the time my mom and sister come down in two weeks (!!!) we’ll know the sex of the baby and I’ll be almost half way! WOWZA!

Baby is…16 weeks and a couple of days (17 weeks tomorrow actually….so like…6 days) and is the size of an avocado (or a small gerbil depending on which site you look at). Babys legs are more developed, the head is more erect and the eyes are still moving closer to the front of the head. Also, baby’s ears are in their final position (less alien like! Hurray!) Also, baby has toenails (well, they’re growing…) and the heart is now pumping about 15 qts of blood each day – a number that will keep growing.

How I’m feeling…not too shabby really. I’m getting a bit more energy back each day, though today (and I wonder if this should technically be under week 17…beh whatevs) I had a bit of discomfort in my lady area….a same day appointment with my doctor (who is amazing!) should have me feeling normal in about 24 hours. Hopefully. My lower back/bum is hurting less and less which is positive though when it flares, man does it flare.  All in all? I’m feeling pretty decent.

What I’m Eating…same. Mostly. Moving away from my beloved cherry pepsi (that’s not super healthy) and last weekend I even had a salad at dinner one night. Salads haven’t been super enticing as of late, but the one I had was pretty delish. I’m trying to diversify my eats praying to the food gods that my picky eating as of late doesn’t mean baby Schmidt will be a picky eater. That would just be unfortunate.

Weight gained…I broke the 145 mark and I’m pretty sure I won’t see a number below that till post partum. I’m okay with this since it still means that I’ve only gained about 6 lbs. I’ve been eating when I’m hungry, trying to eat mostly nutritious foods but definitely not overdoing it. Not to mention, my job and coaching for Girls on the Run keep me pretty active even though I myself am not training for anything really. I have a few 5ks that I’ll be walk/running coming up – I really want to hit my 12 for the year :)

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