30 before 30 update: 12 races

by Heidi on October 23, 2012

So the other day I was doing math in my head about my races. I was going through some local 5ks that I know I want to complete to get my 12 races in 12 months goal on the good ole 30 before 30 list.

Then I got to thinking – that my first race after Adam left for Basic Training was the JLA 5k. Then I ran a 10k. And wait a minute…

Adam left just over one year ago. One year ago we were separated for seven god awful months but seven god awful months that might lead to a longer separation. This time, I learned to be strong. To be independent. To live on my own. I brush it all off saying he was “just” at training, but every military wife out there, started with someone who “just went to training.” Then the deployments come and then you get moved. Well, we’re National Guard so we won’t get moved but there will likely be deployments (fact: his unit was reorganized last year before he enlisted – they were scheduled for a 2013 deployment then the reorganization reset their 5 year schedule, likely the earliest they’ll get deployed could be 2016…but that can always change. Still so thankful…)

I completed, in the year since the husband left, twelve races. I mean, it’s 12 calendar months. Him leaving was pretty significant because that was when I started refocusing on running to keep myself occupied.

It all started (kind of) with a new pair of wonderful sneakers (seriously, I live, breathe and die by the Newton brand since dropping dough on these babies. Nine months later and my legs still feel fresh as the first day on these bad boys!)

1. Junior league of Annapolis Volunteers on the run 5k. October 2011, time 33:00
2. Marine Corps 10k October 2011, time: 1:09:39
3. Annapolis Half Marathon November 2011, time: 2:29:05
4. Love the Run You’re With 5k February 2012, time: 30:22
5. St. Patricks Day 8k March 2012, time: 47:59 (PR)
6. Annapolis Youth 5k April 2012, time: 28:30
7. VT Unplugged Half Marathon April 2012, time: 2:16:11 (PR)
8. Tiger Trot 5k April 2012, time: 28:09 (PR)
9. Girls on the Run 5k May 2012, time: *untimed – unofficial about 33:00*
10. Zooma 10k June 2012, time: 1:04:05 (PR)
11. Women’s Distance Festival 5k July 2012, time: 29:42
12. Hopkins Vineyard Triathlon July 2012, time: 1:51:24 (PR)


BOOM. Twelve races. Ten long months of growing, crying, sweating, more crying, a sweet reunion, and culminating with finding out our family of two will be a family of three. Perfect timing baby Schmidt. Perfect timing. It feels so good knowing I completed this massive goal of mine – with FIVE PR’s in there (well my triathlon PR is a PR because it was my first…I’ll get another PR next year!)

You see had it not been for my running, I probably wouldn’t have survived on my own those awful seven months. It gave me an outlet, a way to relieve stress from my less than stellar job, the even worse commute and gave me a way to forget about the loneliness.

Another one checked off the good ole 30 before 30 checklist. Now to find a way to hitchhike to the west coast to see the Pacific before April (kidding!!) and to get on a plane out of the country (still kidding) – half my list won’t be completed not by choice but you know…money. Baby. Those kind of things.

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  • katelin

    hey hey check you out, that is awesome on finishing 12 races. woo.

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