Week 17 Update

by Heidi on October 24, 2012

We’re THREE Weeks away from the big half way point. Technically I’m at the end of week 17, and week 18 begins today but I think doing the weekly updates at the end of the week versus the beginning makes a little bit more sense yes?

Baby is…the size of a TURNIP! Can you believe baby was the size of a POPPY SEED when we first found out?! Crazy how much baby has grown in a matter of eleven-twelve weeks. Baby weighs about five ounces and is now covered in a downy layer of lanugo to protect her still thin skin.

How I’m feeling… sore. Oh my stars, I could NOT move Saturday afternoon. We did a 3 mile walk in the morning, I did a Junior League event in the afternoon, and we finished up the day with the Navy Homecoming game. Three hours on those uncomfortable metal chairs was enough to cause a massive pain in my bum. Sunday was Adam’s race – which was a whole nother train of exhaustion- trekking around DC took a lot more out of me than I anticipated. I’m not used to not being able to be all go-go-go – especially on the weekends.

What I’m Eating…how about what I’m still not eating. Which is eggs. Peanut butter. Some say your food aversions from the first trimester go away, I had hoped mine would but at a work event yesterday morning that included breakfast, I was inclined to try eggs again. Yeah, no. Will stick with my cereal, and pasta. And salads. Starting to like salads again. Nom.

Weight gained…still the same as last week which means hovering between the 145-146 mark. Kind of worried I’m gaining weight too slow but I’m sure that’ll all change within the next few weeks.

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  • http://twitter.com/MrsMelissaKaz Melissa Kazen

    You look great!

    Some of my food aversions went away in the middle of my second trimester. Dairy and chicken made me ill for like 4-5 weeks, but I was able to have them after that. Chicken did still seem rubbery to sometimes though, but no one else thought it, so I knew it was pregnancy not poorly cooked meat. My aversion to all nut butters (especially cashew and peanut) and guacamole/avocados did not go away until I gave birth.

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