Thinking of Number Five

by Heidi on November 9, 2012

This week, I have read some AMAZING marathon stories. Seriously – mind blowing inspirational stories that make me want to strap on my sneaks and run. Despite the super discomfort from baby schmidt.

It’s been seriously bumming me out that what should be primo-racing season is on hold thanks to the whole being knocked up thing – which is fine…I’m not upset that our family of two is becoming a family of three coming March 2013. I just had big goals for the year before I turned 30. Not gonna lie, I’m bummed that I can’t act on them.  Instead, I’m going to scheme my big come back races. IronGirl Triathlon in Columbia, MD in August…and possibly…marathon #5. Still figuring out what marathon #5 will be, but it’ll be big. And awesome. And amazing and a PR with baby schmidt and hubs waiting at the finish.

In the mean time…I’ve gotta keep my muscles happy. So I’ll do yoga.

Which is what I did tonight.

Centered. Stretched.

I got this whole crazy marathon #5 idea in my head at the end of the worst Friday ever. I mean, seriously, I’ve had worse Fridays (like the time I lost my job on a Friday afternoon…because of a grammatical error. Minor error. It was my first job out of college.)  but this one was up there mostly because my emotions were on a rollercoaster.

I blame my pregnancy hormones. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day – often breaking down into tears for no real, good reason. I feel like a crazy lady.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to reset again with yoga at one of my favorite studios in town for my first REAL prenatal yoga class (!!!) – review coming soon. Then Sunday is the Junior League 5k (which I’ll be run/walking) and Monday I’ll breathe and reboot.

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