So this happened….

by Heidi on November 14, 2012

We’ve made some progress in the past few days and weeks :)

My mom bought us a crib.

My sister bought us a stroller and car seat.

I started wearing maternity pants regularly (omg. So comfortable.).

I finally saw a physical therapist (at my office!) to fix my bum/back pain. And was told no more running (!!!!!!!!!!!). It’s a ” SI joint dysfunction and post right rotation of sacrum.” All I know is I felt better for a day. More manual therapy please! Devastated by the no running statement but some women just can’t run during their pregnancy and I have to be okay with that (with a little pouting on the side).

I went to a REAL prenatal yoga class last Saturday. It was perfect in every way that yoga can be and my instructor was AWESOME! (she has my dream life – yoga instructor/writer?! Yes plskthx.) I’ll be back at Ridgely Retreat on Saturday at 830a – hopefully for another private class since I was the only one there last week but I’d really like to meet other expectant mama’s out in the community!

I can’t believe we’re NINETEEN weeks away from baby (Boy!!!) Schmidt hitting the world. Full twenty week update coming soon – promise. Weeks 19 and 18 were pretty insignificant so ya’ll weren’t missing much but I got my flu shot the other day and holy CRAP did that kick the wind out of me yesterday. It was…awful to say the least.

Finally, in other news: there was an interesting article in the NY Times about the real cost of raising a child – how true do YOU think this is?

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  • Jennifer Altoff

    I want to see yo’ bump! :)

    • legallyheidi

      post pending picture taking. Pending I can stay awake until hubs gets home to take it. Whoops :) I’m a couple weeks late, I know :)

  • Julie Q

    Congrats on a BOY!!! Very exciting :)

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