Pregnancy Update: 21/22 Weeks

by Heidi on November 27, 2012

So I’m a little behind with my weekly updates. Perhaps sometime before the end of this trimester I’ll get my act together and be a good blogger trying to document her pregnancy.

Baby is…the length of a spaghetti squash (my dinner tonight!) and weighs just about a pound. Baby now has irises and the eyes and nose are mostly fully formed excepting the pigment. Baby also has a pancreas now, and is wrinkly waiting for fat to plump him up!

I’m feeling… like crap. Baby’s kicking up a storm these days, and this weekend I had what was likely Braxton Hicks contractions that woke me up at 5am. I woke hubs up crying – realized I was likely dehydrated, drank some water and they went away but, man, if those made me cry and curl up in a fetal position for like ten minutes,  I can’t imagine what birth is going to be like says the girl with a super low pain tolerance.

Thankfully, the cold I had for most of last week has for the most part gone away – thank you for the kind nurse who gave me a list of meds I could take safely that allowed me to sleep and not feel like I was dying for 8 days straight.

Finally got PT for my back – amazing. Seriously – Physical therapy has made my pain manageable. I know it won’t go away fully before the end of my pregnancy but it has made life a bit more enjoyable.

All in all, people who say the second trimester is the best can eat my shorts. I have not been impressed.

Preparing for…my monthly visit this week – the first since our anatomy scan in early November, and to paint the nursery this weekend which I personally am super excited about. We picked a light gray, our theme is going to be elephants and the colors will be gray, navy and a hint of green (same as our wedding colors!) Also, once we’re painted, we’re going to put together the crib! Huzzah! Things are coming along but since I’m about 17 weeks away from my due date, it’s about time I got my bum in gear.

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