Pregnancy Update: 23/24 weeks

by Heidi on December 13, 2012

Sorry these updates aren’t exactly weekly – every other week, as I’ve mentioned is better for me because my blogging schedule is so far out of whack. I’m feeling more and more overwhelmed every day, mostly because OH EM GEE There’s only 15  weeks before Baby Schmidt is scheduled to arrive in this big, bad world. Technically 25 weeks started today, but we’ll go backwards a little bit and talk about what happened in 24 weeks (23 weeks was pretty uneventful)

Don’t mind my hair/makeupless face – I just woke up from a cat nap and remembered I wanted hubs to take my picture before changing out of my work clothes.

Baby is…about a foot long or the size of an ear of corn (!!!) or a cantaloupe –  Baby’s brain is growing quickly and taste buds are continuing to develop. He’s also become a royal soccer player these days, kicking up a storm – usually first thing in the morning and in the evening.

I’m feeling…not too bad. I finally got over my cold which tried to come back but I beat it again with minimal amount of (doctor approved mind you) medication. I’m wearing mostly maternity clothes – excepting for a few shirts that still happen to fit – some long sleeve crew necks, sweaters, but nothing with buttons. Those wouldn’t last any longer. And pants? Even with the bella band, they’re not super comfortable anymore. Maternity skinny jeans from Gap it is – they’re my favorites.

Still in Physical Therapy – which is going well. It makes it all manageable really. I’ll delve into that in another post – why exactly I’m not a pregnant runner, and what physical therapy has been helping with. Short version for now: sacrum and SI Joint.

Preparing for…the furniture we’re picking up in the new year! A friend of mine from Junior League is selling us some stuff that she used for both of her kiddos, so I’m super excited about that. Also, my Glucose Tolerance test which is scheduled for right after Christmas (awesome. Not!) – after that I start going every other week (!!!!!!!). Additionally, hubs sent out the shower invites (long story but my mother in law is hosting it and Hubs offered to do up the invites for her to ease her mind with the holidays and stuff) – so that’s exciting.

We have three trips left before baby comes on the scene – next week when we head up for our holiday #tripnorth, my baby shower to CT, and then we’re trying to plan some sort of babymoon/weekend getaway for not too expensive sometime between now and the end of January. Likely Rehoboth, though I’d like to go visit Charleston, SC since my dad just moved there. That wouldn’t be very babymoon like though, but the weather would be better!

Also – we painted! I need to get a good picture of it all in the light – the one I took after we painted was poorly lit and just…not good. I’ll get a better one once we get the last of the crap out of the room. Transforming a room full of junk into a happy, baby nursery takes time and phases. Next phase is get the transplanted crap out of my bedroom.

Can you believe there’s only really 3 weeks left of the second trimester?! Where is the time going?!?!?

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