by Heidi on December 18, 2012

A few weeks ago, I taught my girls at Girls on the Run about community. About how communities help each other, have common interests, sometimes they live together, sometimes they don’t. We talked about how communities help one another get through bad things and good things. Communities are book clubs, coworkers, classmates, a girl scout troop, and a Girls on the Run team – the girls understood and talked about how much they appreciated all the communities they were a part of.

This weekend, much of the nation embraced Newtown, Connecticut as a large united community- the town that now has a piece of all of our hearts. The town that Adam grew up next to – his own elementary school being only 6 miles from the one where the horrific events of Friday occurred.

“I liked it better when nobody knew about Newtown, CT.” – Adam

The people who have, since Friday, gone out of their way to show love, to let the Newtown community know that we’re here, that we support and love the entire community affected by this tragedy. We are all Americans, and though our country spans many miles, when we hear of tragedies as this one, we relate to one another and they bring communities together  - communities that are otherwise, seemingly, worlds apart.

Do something nice – a random act of kindness. Tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. Remind youth around you that we are a community – our nation as a whole. Communities can be small, or they can be large. But in the end, just as my girls told me sitting outside of their elementary school, communities are there to help one another.

 Find ways you can help here. Additionally, you too can make a difference simply by joining the #26acts movement and committing to 26 random acts of kindness to honor those lives lost in Newtown.

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