Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks

by Heidi on December 27, 2012

So we’ve hit the end of trimester numero dos and we’re at 13 weeks remaining which is causing hubs and I to freak out. No seriously…if I showed a picture of the nursery ya’ll would be like What the EFF have you been doing Heidi?! And I’d just shrug. Because honestly, I don’t even know.


How I’m feeling: Let’s get to the not so fun part(s) of pregnancy. I’m gassy (doctor said to cut back on dairy. Time to lay off the late night milk shake runs. Damn.). I’ve been plagued with indigestion (yummy) which, according to old wives tales means that baby will have tons of hair. Which is good, because I had none until I was like 18 months old. Seriously. Additionally, it’s getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep. More awesome! I don’t know how I slept sans snoogle pillow for almost a week but I did. Miraculously. Snoogle pillows are the bomb dot com for those of you who haven’t tried them.

Starting this week we go to the doctor every other week and today I had my glucose test which hopefully I passed swimmingly but given my luck, I’ll probably have to go back for the 3 hour which would just be really unfortunate.

Baby is…the size of a head of cauliflower. Or a rutabega. Depending on the website you read. We’ll go with cauliflower since I don’t even know what a freakin’ rutabega looks like. He’s about 2 lbs at this point and has been playing a non-stop game of kick ball inside my tummy today at the very least. Which is cool and all – really, but it’s also making my ribs sore all day long.

Eating…anything that won’t make me want to hurl. Staying away from acidic foods, and trying not to OD on sweets. Which isn’t easy to do this time of year. I don’t know, I feel like my appetite never fully ramped up but I should at this point in time be eating an extra 350-500 calories which I try to do but feel like I’m not super successful at. Not intentionally obviously, just a lack of appetite.

Wearing…all maternity clothes all the time. Loving my Gap skinny jeans, and my gap sweaters I got for Christmas. Most comfy things ever. Need to invest in a pair of maternity leggings – the lululemon kind are starting to not be friendly to my tummy which makes me a sad panda.

Weight gained…I think I was 156 today at the doctors. I started somewhere around 140 so I’m at about 15 lbs I believe which is right on track. I don’t feel like a whale (yet) and people are still saying I look good so we’ll call that all a win.

Reading…Your Best Birth. I wish I had the guts to have a super au natural birth but realistically I know I have a low tolerance for pain and I’m going to want the epidural. Not to mention, home births kind of freak me out.


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