2012 recap and 2013 goals

by Heidi on December 31, 2012

So I already posted my top 10 of 2012 – it was a pretty epic year not only in running and racing but also in life – hi baby schmidt!

But how did I do when it comes to my resolutions?

In 2012 I said I would…

Be Healthier

  • Run 12 races by December 2012.
    How’d I do?  From October last year to October this year, I ran 12 races. Not all in 2012, but I still count it all. Was on track, until I ah-hem, got knocked up and baby Schmidt decided he didn’t want me to be a runner while he was occupying my body.
  • Complete a 30 day workout challenge each quarter (January, April, July and October.)
    How’d I do? Not even. Close. It has been decided that 30 day challenges and myself do NOT get along.
  • Practice yoga once per week
    How’d I do? Ehhhh I practiced a lot but not once per week. There were weeks when I was going twice per week so I’m sure if I checked my bank account and records and shiz, I’d find that I went to yoga a total of 52 times. Maybe.
  • Workout 3 days per week also keep food journal 5 days per week.
    How’d I do? The first half I was doing GREAT, but then after July…not even close. I blame Baby Schmidt.

More Money…less problems

  • Spend three whole months not shopping (do not need to be consecutive – by December 2012)
    How’d I do? Hahahahahahaha. I did not shop in February I think before going to San Antonio…so 1 out of 3??

Work Harder – just fail. All of it failed.

  • Be a Certified Personal Trainer by the end of the year with five clients (by August 2012).
    How’d I do? Nope. I am however, CPR certified. I’m not sure becoming a certified personal trainer is really something I want to do – given that I you know, really hate the gym. Now a running coach…that’s a different story.
  • Ace my HTML/CSS Class and pick up 5 freelance clients by the end of the year (by May 2012/December 2012)
    How’d I do? Dropped it when the professor tried to fail me because he didn’t understand how to use a freakin’ mac. I should mention that our class site (it was an online class) was black background and black text. And he tried to teach me HTML/CSS?!!?!!

Blog better

  • Blog 5 days per week
    How’d I do? Nope. Again, some weeks, better than others but definitely not consistent.
  • Design a new Life in Pink that better reflects me and where I’m going. (by June 2012)
    YES! I redesigned, in like…November but it’s still redesigned!!!
  • Participate in Project 365 – because I just got a fancy new camera for Christmas, this will actually inspire me to use it!
    How’d I do? Failed. The first week. Photo challenges and I don’t get along either 

SO. For 2013, lesson, be less ambitious.

In 2013….

I will…stay healthy and happy in anticipation of Baby Schmidt’s arrival. And keep up my (semi?) weekly updates. 13 to go.

I will…celebrate my 30th birthday to the best of my ability and not be disappointed if I celebrate my 30 1/2 birthday instead. Mostly because Baby’s expected due date happens to be ~2 weeks before my big 3-0.

I will…grow my blog. I’d love to be at 500 daily visitors (right now I’m at about 150-200), with 150+ facebook fans. Putting time into the little blog that could is going to be key.

I will…get back into running when my body says it is ready. I hope to train for a triathlon, half marathon and at least two other races (5ks, etc..). Additionally, I’d like to run the Army 10 miler with Adam next year since I missed it this year. That’s my goal race. Everything else is “wait and see.”

I will…enjoy every moment of every day with Adam and Baby Schmidt. As has been proven, seemingly time and time again, life is short. Often, too short.

I will…try 12 new recipes and blog about them. Adam keeps saying he wants to be more diverse in what we cook so here’s my chance. Twelve recipes? They don’t have to be hard…just new.

What are your 2013 goals??

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