Pregnancy Update: Week 28

by Heidi on January 5, 2013

Holy THIRD trimester batman! Seriously, where has the time gone?!?!

We put the crib together this past weekend. I registered for classes at Special Beginnings and AAMC. I’m pre-registered to give birth. Baby Shower is in three weeks. I’m starting to not feel bad about buying baby clothes, and am realizing more and more each day that holy effing $hitballs batman. I’m having a baby.

28 weeks

How I’m feeling…ugh. I mean, I was feeling sluggish before, but mostly okay. But lately I’ve just felt more and more sluggish, crampy, and just ick. Not like bad crampy but like everything just aches. Thankfully, I’m not feeling as if my balance is off (yet), and I’m not feeling super horrible. On the plus side, I have 2 more weeks of PT left, and I feel a HUGE difference. Not nearly as many shooting pains while walking which is always a plus,

Baby is…the size of an EGGPLANT (or a chinese cabbage…or a…)! And is moving and a shakin’ all night long – like freakin’ Lionel Ritchie. Well… not like that but he’s definitely having a prenatal party all day every day. When does this kid sleep?? . Speaking of bruised ribs, waking up Wednesday morning from Tuesday morning was a huge difference. From feeling “how have I been pregnant? I feel amazing!” to starting to feel like “OMG where is all this pressure coming from, I feel like hell. Get this baby out of me.” Not to mention, I’m starting to have a hard time getting comfortable in bed which makes for less sleep which just means a lot more crankiness in general. No bueno.

Eating: I’ve been eating tons of clementines lately. I absolutely adore clementines so I’m pleased they’re finally in season. Additionally, thanks to the fine folks at Blue Diamond Almonds, I have a new appreciation for chocolate covered almonds. That was a delightful package to come home to after our #tripnorth! Did I mention I passed my glucose test? That was a relief. Especially given my love of cherry pepsi (I’ve cut back to one per week), milkshakes (same), and the dozen or so cookies I ingested during the week we were up north.

Wearing? More leggings please! My lululemon leggings are *BARELY* still fitting me only because I force them into a low rise (in the front. Not the rear. Duh.) Though I’m on the prowl for a pair of maternity leggings. That don’t cost a zillion dollars for a pair of leggings (says the girl who has an obsession with $70 leggings from lululemon…)

Baby Stuff bought? I bought some clothes for baby since Target was having a really good sale. Additionally, we bought a mattress, so since yesterday baby officially has a bed! Huzzah! AND I bought two pieces of artwork off Etsy – I need to get one printed to canvas and one we’re going to get framed once it arrives – it’s all coming together slowly but surely!

Bring it on week 29! The countdown is ON!

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  • Emily

    I had a pair of target maternity leggings that aren’t as great as Lululemon but lastede through two pregnancies and I was able to pass them on to a cousin who said she wore them daily (as he comfy pants when she came home from work). I’m all for cheap maternity clothes since realistically you don’t wear them that long.

    • legallyheidi

      o.O I’ll have to check out the target leggings – thanks for the suggestion! I’m so picky but I don’t want to spend boat tons of money (why I won’t shop at A Pea in the Pod…) so I’ve gotten most of my maternity clothes at Target, Old Navy or the Gap on sale.

  • sparkling74

    I love how you are pre registered to give birth. That’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear! Like if you show up in labor and you’re not on the list, they won’t let you in! You have to “know someone” to get in there!

    • legallyheidi

      Hehehe the best part is that it’s mostly it’s for insurance purposes. My insurances requires me to be “preauthorized” to give birth. Because if I’m not “preauthorized” then I can’t stay at the hospital/give birth???

      And the hospital does it ahead of time to make it so you’re not filling out mounds of paperwork while in labor. Which makes sense if you think about it :)

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