Pregnancy Update: 29 weeks

by Heidi on January 10, 2013

We’re chugging along, but much like around the 21-23 mark, I’ve come down with some crap making life pretty miserable these days. Thankfully, I’m on the mend. Don’t mind the messy hair in the weekly picture, it was taken post PT and dinner just before I put on my sweatpants and made myself comfy for the night.

How I’m feeling…quite honestly, I thought I felt like crap before, but this cold thing takes crap to a new level – coughing, sniffling, aching, and sore throat – I sound like a Nyquil commercial. Baby is starting to press up on my ribs making it painful to cough and adding a whole new level of chest soreness to the mix. On the plus side, my SI joint/back is doing MUCH better and I have one more visit for PT next week before being discharged – for the win! Other (minor) pregnancy related inconveniences? Peeing. Often. Like really often. Hopefully, once I kick this cold, I’ll be able to start working out more regularly. I have an urge to just…go for a swim, or go to a barre class or a yoga class. Which reminds me, I have a yoga date with Lexi on Friday for some sleepy time Restorative yoga.

Baby is…the size of an acorn squash (or a butternut squash…) and weighs about 2 1/2 – 3lbs. He’s needing a lot more calcium, iron and all those other fun minerals – so I guess I should probably chow down or something. I’ve been drinking lots of juice and milk to make up for all this because I find that I’m thirsty like…constantly. Maybe it’s all that peeing that I do.

Wearing…all leggings all the time. I’m kind of bored with maternity jeans. Though I did order a pair of legit, full panel, Old Navy maternity leggings – I’m excited to get those and see how they work out – they had good reviews and are a “customer favorite” so we’ll see. I can’t imagine my lululemon leggings will fit me much longer so I’m staying comfy while I can.

Baby Stuff bought…

We got the rest of our baby furniture! Mainly the glider and the changing table – next weekend is my shower so after that it’s just nesting mode for 9 weeks, which not gonna lie, I’m a bit excited about.

Love, love, love our new glider. A friend of mine sold us the furniture – all my dream Pottery Barn furniture for an AMAZING deal. Seriously, so grateful for the amazing people that Junior League has brought into my life.

First of four biweekly doctor appointments start this morning – I have them all scheduled through the end of February and after my appointment today, I’ll be scheduled through March – EGADS. I passed my glucose test, and we’re 95% sure of which pediatrician we’re going to go with – it’s mostly an insurance thing because of the two, only one accepts Tricare and while we’re not on Tricare now, Hubs does want to try to get on active duty orders for the National Guard in the next year so we’d hate to have to switch baby’s doctor. Our decision won’t be finalized til the open houses next month so I’ll share more about that decision later on.

29 down, eleven to go! Bring it on week 30 – and our last long car trip before baby’s arrival (next weekend, not this weekend).

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