Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks

by Heidi on January 17, 2013

Sorry for all the preggo related posts lately – I’ll try to ease up but given my lack of workouts and my lazy cooking (though I do have ONE to share with you all…tomorrow!) there’s not really much else going on in these parts. I mean, I could do book reviews (I have an awesome one coming up end of the month!) BUT, most of the books are all about birthing. Which unless you’re pregnant you probably give two shizzes about. Right?

Let’s compare…20 weeks ago….yikes. What a change!

Baby is…the length of a cucumber. Or the size of a freakin’ cabbage – about 3 pounds. He is now strong enough to grasp a finger, which also means he can *almost* kick hard enough to startle the crap out of me – not literally though. Yet.

How I’m feeling…tired. Bloated. Definitely not sick anymore though my nose is still running like a freakin’ faucet. That could also be from the more of everything in my body these days – blood, liquid, mucous you name it. The other night I was laying on the sofa on my side and I couldn’t for the life of me get comfortable, hubs asked what my problem was… my remark? “You try being comfortable with a growing bowling ball in your gut.” That my friends, pretty much sums up how I’m feeling.

Wearing…I’m LOVING the Old Navy maternity leggings I bought. They are AMAZE-BALLS. What I’m not loving? The Gap Sweater that I adored that managed to get a massive hole in the sleeve while in the wash. FML.

Baby Stuff bought…a onesie. From Old Navy because I just couldn’t not. However, this weekend is my Baby Shower hosted by my lovely Mother-in-law who I am BEYOND grateful for. I’m super excited to see Adam’s family and my mom and sister who are trekking down from Vermont. It’s going to be a lovely weekend – so I’ve been on a baby buying hiatus. AND THEN, when we come back on Monday, we’re traipsing out to Virginia to get some hand-me-downs from a good family friend of Adam’s…boo. freakin’. yah.


Final thought….holy crap we have like…ten weeks to go. EEP!

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  • Britni

    Ha. I told my husband that I was 30 weeks last night and mentioned that we only had 10 weeks to go. After a quick freak out moment, we both decided that 70 days sounds WAY better.

    • Heidi

      hahahahaha yeahhhh 70 days (though 68 now?) sounds much better than 10 weeks… much much better :)

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