Five for Friday

by Heidi on January 18, 2013

Week two! Hey look! I can stick with a series on my blog! Winning! We’re heading north for the weekend tonight to celebrate baby Schmidt at my baby shower! I’m pretty excited that I get to visit with friends, family and at some point, there should be good pizza involved in our weekend because the pizza here in Maryland…just isn’t the same as a good New Haven pie.



  • The blogger over at Writing Chapter Three (slash (Never)Homemaker) shared how they got rid of cable and joined a gym – something the hubs and I are itching to do – we have some research to do, and some budgeting but you know, this post gave me a little bit of confidence.
  • What’s your fitness mantra? Greatist posted a 21 awesome fitness mantras - I don’t have one these days, my mantra is to get through March. And not over commit myself to anything anymore. Gawd I can’t wait to strap on sneaks and go for a run again….
  • There’s been TONS of #getyouractiveon posts by bloggers sponsored by Old Navy but this post from Food, Fitness and Family was one of my favorites featuring the clothes as outfits and hi – yay for maternity workout gear! I’m starting my workouts up (going easy mind you) this week again…yay!!!!
  • While despite my wishes, I will not be running a marathon this year (I’m shooting for the Annapolis Half in December and the Army Ten Miler as my two big races this year) Liz from One Twenty Five gives some AMAZING reasons to run the Chicago Marathon…so many I almost want to run it myself.
  • I’m really making an effort to be a better blogger this year – I really want to do big things with this blog so I’m super excited to be joining Katy Widrick’s 28 day blog challenge to really focus on building a better blog and a bigger community. Got a blog? Come join!


  • This beef & broccoli recipe from Rainy Day Gal (originally spotted on the Pin Junkie)  looks relatively easy(ish) and definitely delish. I’m looking for easy recipes so hubs and I can start cooking regularly (before we stop again? Do people cook when they have babies?? I mean…I think they do right??) and this is definitely one I’m going to be adding to our menu soon!
  • I’ve watched Erin from Speckled Palate grow from 20 something blogger finding her footing in the blogosphere when I was, to becoming an amazing photographer and food blogger. Her sweet potato bisque kind of makes me want winter to stick around a bit longer so I can keep enjoying delicious recipes like this.
  • Last week I showed you one recipe from Curious Cavemanda, but this week she did it again with these gluten free meatballs – I completely agree. Meatballs can be a meal of their own.
  • Going through my starred google reader items, I was reminded how awesome peanut butter and banana is – I couldn’t eat either for much of the first half of my pregnancy but I did save this amazing peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread from Coffee Cake and Cardio – all of my favorite things in one loaf. NOMS.
  • While I’m on pinterest, I do find it a bit overwhelming (and sometimes redundant) however I loved this post by Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life on some great pinterest recipes. I’m especially looking forward to trying the buffalo chicken chili recipe!


Happy weekend everyone!! What are you all looking forward to this weekend?

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  • Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardi

    Thank you for featuring my recipe!!

    • Heidi

      you’re welcome! It’s an awesome recipe and I can’t wait to try it! :) :)

  • sara (burson) willis

    Beef and Broccoli IS delicious – but do NOT let it overcook! If even a little, it totally ruins it. I tried letting it cook in the crockpot while I was at work – bad move! :)

    • Heidi

      noted :) thanks for the tip!

  • Erin

    You are TOO sweet, Heidi! Thanks for sharing my recipe, and I hope you have a lovely weekend! Have so much fun at your baby shower!

    • Heidi

      anytime gal :) :) Have a great weekend also! :)

  • Madeline

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the workout gear ;)

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