A very prenatal workout

by Heidi on January 29, 2013

I had started the weekend with a gentle prenatal yoga class on Saturday morning which was the perfect start to the weekend, followed by celebrating Lexi’s birthday up at Boordy Vineyard where I got to play designated driver for hubs – I took a few sips of his wine.

But Sunday was the real workout.

Now that I’ve been discharged from PT, Sunday morning I joined hubs for a workout over at lululemon Annapolis!

They had a trio workout/informations sessions – gait analysis at Charm City Run and a short talk about training by Lara Mish (running coach extraordinaire, who also happens to be Executive Director of Girls on the Run – Greater Chesapeake!), then a cross fit style workout led by Crossfit Annapolis and ending with a short yoga class led by an instructor from Prana Studio.

Personally, the crossfit portion was my favorite. Mostly because the instructor Erin, from Crossfit Annapolis, helped me modify the moves and explained that she had done crossfit through her pregnancy – bad. ass. We did a bunch of warm ups, and then 1 minute of burpees (modified for me), 1 minute of squats and 1 minute of turkish get ups. My legs were definitely feeling like jello yesterday so even though it was a shorter workout, I definitely felt it. I forgot that amazing burning feeling when you walk up stairs – the feeling of accomplishment!

The yoga portion was not so good – she moved a bit fast and I couldn’t modify quick enough. Eventually I gave up as it just…didn’t feel good and I sense I screwed something up with my sacrum (again) so I may have to go in for an impromptu PT session (which I can do for the next 30 days). Not good. Not good at all.

I really want to get more into some light strength workouts, mostly to keep my energy up. I should get on that…again.

So how have I stayed active without being one of those super inspiring pregnant runners?

Prenatal yoga. I absolutely LOVE prenatal yoga at Ridgely Retreat. The instructor I usually have is amazing, and if you ever get a chance, she also teaches at Prana studio.

Stairs. Seriously, I take the stairs whenever I can. Usually two, three or four times per day.

Swiss balls. I’m going to start taking a seat on swiss balls whenever I can versus sitting in a chair with bad posture at my desk.

Walking. I walk everywhere I can. Like I said, up stairs, down stairs. I park further in the parking lot than I need to. I take advantage whenever I can.

It seems to have worked. I’m at almost 32 weeks and I’ve yet to hit the 20 lb mark for weight gained (doctor says that I’m right on track so win!) I feel strong and I still have decent bouts of energy so I really can’t complain. I’d like to get out and try pilates and barre method sometime soon, there are a few places in ‘naptown that offer both so I just need to get off my rump and get out there!

If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant how did you modify your workout routine to accomodate your changing body??

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  • Stephanie

    Hi Heidi, my coworker Kendall Casey turned me on to your blog. I am 34 weeks pregnant and used to be a runner as well. I had to stop running in my second trimester as it just hurt too much. I started doing prenatal yoga, I also do a prego fitness DVD, and of course a lot of walking with the dog. I am dying to go running, but I know it will just end in disaster!

    • legallyheidi

      true story! I had a bunch of sacrum/si joint issues that are finally resolved (mostly) but aside from the above, I mostly do yoga – what DVD do you do?? Thanks for the comment and tell Kendall I said hi :) :) Her husband used to be my roommate when i first moved to DC back in 2006!

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