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by Heidi on February 20, 2013

I’ve researched all kinds of birth methods.

I didn’t take Bradley Method or Lamaze classes. We begged off from the birthing center per the recommendation of a labor/delivery/pediatric nurse I know who has dealt with them. I did take a birthing class (on my own. Since hubs was at drill weekend), and took a lot of information away. I didn’t take the class where they show you the video and talk for 8 hours about the birthing experience.

I’ve seen those videos, they’re pretty traumatic. Not to mention, we’ve all watched “Once Upon a Baby” before, so I get the gist. I took the Spa Mama class at AAMC and it was amazing. I learned about breathing techniques, different positions, massage techniques to teach Adam, and I found that MUCH more valuable than an educational “here’s what you do now…” type of class.

I read “Your Best Birth” from cover to cover, reading about pretty much every type of delivery under the sun. Somehow, the lesson I learned, contrary to what every single pregnancy website has to say about it all, is that I don’t want a plan. Or at least not a “I will not have this, I will not have that… blah blah blah.”

What I do know, the minimalist plan that hubs and I have created (and still have yet to really discuss with my OB…) is that I know I have a low pain tolerance, that being said, I want to see how long I can go without an epidural but that I will likely ask for one and well, I’m okay with that. Everyone I know who had an epidural said it was sunshine and rainbows. I’ll take that over the worst pain in the world any day.

I know that I want to avoid being induced. While I walk plenty in my day job, as soon as the weather starts being a bit nicer (usually around Mar 1 in our neck of the woods), I want to start going on our 1.5 mile loop again to start walking.

I know that I want to avoid a c-section unless absolutely necessary. If I find out this afternoon that baby happens to be breach? Well, I’ll be doing lots of yoga and inversions at least once per day from here on out. Last week, there was a girl in my yoga class that was 36 weeks and found out her baby was breach. We did a bunch of inversions that class that felt really, really good.

I’m not super duper holier than thou in regards to being a naturalist. Do I wish I were? Maybe. A little. Sometimes. Well more naturalist not holier than thou that is. But in this case? Not so much. I think I’ll do okay with my “let’s just roll with the punches and see where this whole birthing takes us” mindset. There are some things that you really just can’t plan out and I do believe that there is such thing as over planning. Best to just keep an open mind and roll with it.

Just give me Pandora radio (which I plan to have on the John Mayer station – since I find his music to be – for the most part – very relaxing for me at least), and something to take the edge off. It is like a marathon as a family friend told me as she tried to convince me to go au natural sans drugs, a marathon is temporary pain with an amazing accomplishment. But I can finish a marathon in 5:30:00…and a half marathon in less than half that. Who knows how long labor will last, and I just don’t know if I have that type of energy in me.

{Update: Baby is breech. C-section to be scheduled between March 20-27. Kind of in shock. More info to come. Consider this post…irrelevant?}

Did you plan your labor? What types of classes did you take to prepare?

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  • http://twitter.com/WillJogForFood Natalie O

    They didn’t give you an option to try to flip the baby before they automatically schedule a c-section?? There is still time to flip!

    I took a birth class at the hospital. Since I’m planning on getting an epidural, I haven’t been to Bradley method classes or anything like that.

    • legallyheidi

      They did – but based on the risks (which aren’t high granted) Adam and I decided we didn’t want to try to manually flip the baby (which they can do after 37 weeks) especially since there seems to be a higher chance that baby flips right back over.

      They’re going to check him every week between now and then, and I’m going to research how I can try to get him flipped on my own. Ultimately though, after talking with some friends who have had c-sections, I’m not as upset as I was about it yesterday, especially since there’s still 4 weeks for him to flip head down :) Taking it day by day :) :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/knightnurse Stacy Hall

    I am shocked as well that they went ahead and scheduled a c section. I say, still work on your plan of trying to naturally turn baby boy around, there is still time for him to turn! Fight the C as long as you can, especially if it’s something you truly don’t want. Your birth plan is still valid, and I think you did a good job with it. The key really is flexibility Baby will do what baby wants to do, overly detailed care plans easily get thrown out the window in emergencies. If you have a brief, general one the likelihood of more things going to your liking improves. Enjoy the experience as much as possible!

    • Adam J Schmidt

      It’s harder to get one of these things scheduled than it is to cancel it if baby flips around. So it’s better to consider the c-section “tentatively” scheduled.

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