Treat yourself

by Heidi on March 12, 2013

Today’s part of the 12 days before baby series is what to buy yourself. Some may call it a push present, but if you’re buying it for yourself…then it’s not a push present now is it?

Treat yourself


Here are my 9 things to buy and/or do for yourself before baby:

-A little token of baby. I bought myself this elephant necklace a few months ago up at the JCrew outlet, elephants happen to be the theme of baby’s nursery so it was fitting. I’ve worn it throughout my pregnancy and it will always be baby’s necklace to remind me of our first.

-A comfy pair of yoga pants. If you’re like me, you live, breathe and die in yoga pants. Splurge and get yourself a pair or two. I really liked the Old Navy maternity leggings and pretty much all of my lululemon pants (especially the still and astro pants. Which I’ve mentioned before.)

-A prenatal massage. I’ve only had one of these but my god it was the best hour of my life. It was a gift for Valentines Day from the husband and by far one of the best gifts ever. I may have to splurge next week and get another one after hearing a story about a woman who had an amazing prenatal massage the night before her version and then the baby miraculously flipped (she still had a c-section because he was in distress). I’m hoping to hook myself up with one more before next Friday because well, why not?

-Comfy shoes. I finally tried out Toms and while they’re not the most attractive shoes on the planet, they are DAMN comfortable which has made my job a lot easier having more comfy shoes.

-Get a mani/pedi. I was going once a month for a while, which is a big deal for me since I often chip my nail polish before I even walk out of the salon, and my nails break super easily. Pedicures though? There’s no beating that. I just treated myself to one this weekend, they’re my favorite. 

-A magazine subscription. I’m a big (closeted) fan of US Weekly, and shortly after I entered trimester dos, I got myself a LivingSocial deal and renewed that subscription. Well, it had expired so it wasn’t technically renewed but every Friday, I have my weekly dose of celebrity gossip to keep me company on the couch to welcome the weekend in.

-Nice lotion. I did a lot of research on lotions that “prevent” stretch marks and ended up going with Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks. I read a lot of great things about Earth Mama and also about basic coconut oil though I haven’t tried either.

-A body pillow. Snoogle it up. There are so many benefits to having a body pillow, most importantly being a good nights sleep but sleeping with a pillow between your legs also helps reduce back pressure and helps pelvic alignment. I got mine for about $40 at WalMart and it’s pretty amazing.

-Spend some time alone. While I do hate when the hubs goes away for his once per month drill weekends, I do love the solitude and over the past few months have enjoyed the weekends when he’s gone for the sheer fact that I can do what I want. I know I won’t get much alone time after the 22nd, so I cherish the days when I can clean, listen to my own music, watch my own shows….and just…be. Take an afternoon, go shopping on your own, go get yourself that mani-pedi, take yourself out to lunch with a good book, and enjoy it.

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How did you/do you plan on pampering yourself during  your last days of pregnancy? 

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  • Britni

    I just bought a groupon for a mani/pedi for next week. Maybe my pretty nails will make up for how awesome I’m looking post-delivery. :)

  • Natalie O

    I’ll definitely be getting a mani/pedi! I haven’t had one in about 6 months. I also “need” US weekly. My old roomie got me hooked at now I am addicted.

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