10k Training Week 1 Recap

by Heidi on May 6, 2013

So I started my 10k training last week. I wasn’t expecting to be as…slow as I was? Or as sore as I was…but despite the hurdles I’m currently stumbling over to get myself back into shape, it felt really good just to be in the race again if you will.

I did 3 of my 4 scheduled workouts. Sunday’s 3 mile run got scratched when baby decided to not really sleep well/at all after 3:30a. Poor kid has super bad gassiness and just couldn’t get comfortable. Pretty sure hubs and I were alternating getting up every 10-30 minutes each. It was rough. Then we met up with a mama friend of mine at the barBayQ festival and after that? Ethan and I were both spent so no running was done. But that’s okay, because I still got in a few miles last week.

Monday was raining so I got started on the elliptical with a high resistance interval workout. It was okay, but I find the elliptical  to be, on the fun scale, lower than the dreadmill. It was boring but it did feel really good to work up a sweat again.

Tuesday I rested because it was rainy again so we didn’t do much. Whoops?

Wednesday I got in a run! Yay! I did 3/2 run/walk intervals that were originally on Monday’s workout plan with a nice walking warmup and cool down. I was out for just about 30 minutes and did just under three miles. Felt good to be moving but my hips ached and so did my lower back. To be expected given the elasticity of my joints still post-partum.

Thursday was another off day. I should have gotten in a strength workout but I didn’t. It’s okay though – I’m not pushing it all, I’m listening to my body.

Friday it was beautiful out, and I had a 3 miler on the schedule – 40 minutes later. I let myself walk when I was tired, and man, my boobs just hurt a lot more when I run – even after nursing Ethan before I went out.

Saturday was a bust since my dad came to town, and Sunday I was utterly exhausted since baby hasn’t been sleeping well due to excessive gassiness. The poor look of discomfort on his face when he keeps waking himself up is just heartbreaking. Regardless, was so tired, we ended up sleeping on and off till about 11.


But my Newton’s are just…super happy to be back out and hitting the pavement though this week I’m going to check out new sneaks. Considering the Saucony Kinvara, the New Balance Minimus, and of course…a new pair of Newton’s. But I have some gift cards to Charm City Run, so we’ll see what’s in store. All I know, is mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Lessons this week: Listen to my body. Don’t be afraid to walk it out. Nurse before running. Never underestimate the value of a good jog bra (I never had these problems before. They’re new to me…don’t judge). I can’t emphasize the importance of listening to my body – whether it’s walking or knowing when to skip a workout.

Also, I’m reevaluating whether or not speed workouts are valuable, I need to just focus on my endurance and based on this past week, I’m going to stick to just walk/running to get back into it and not worry about the speed workouts.

This week’s training schedule…

Monday: Run - 5 min slow warm up/ 5x 4 min run 1 min walk x 6 /5 min easy cool down
Tuesday: Walk or strength (optional)
Wednesday: Run - easy 30 minutes
Thursday: optional – strength/walk
Friday: Run 3 miles
Saturday: rest or yoga
Sunday: Run 4 miles

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from working out – whether starting a new program or getting back into an old one after an injury or pregnancy? 

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