Finding Mama Pals

by Heidi on May 21, 2013

Last week, I wrote my first post over on DC Ladies about finding a play group.

I’m blessed that I’m beginning to actually make pals out of these ladies. I read a while ago an interesting blog post about dating as moms and the many stages of mom dating.

Here’s the thing, making friends as adults isn’t easy. Generally, you stay friends with pals from college (ME!), make friends from work, or other volunteer or social activities. I’ve made a great deal of pals from Junior League, a lot of people I knew in DC made friends from kickball or bocce.

But what happens after you’re married, settled and start having kids?

Well, it’s a new type of friend dating. No more are the 2 for 1 happy hours (Confession: I loved those man. Those were the good ole days. Although somehow a 2 for 1 happy hour that happened on a Wednesday involved me going to Clarendon after getting on the metro, catching the last train back to Pentagon City but in the midst of my transfer at Rosslyn having to EXIT the metro via the longest escalator ever because i had to pee and couldn’t wait the 25+ minutes til the next train and getting home. These were pre-husband days clearly. Gotta watch out for the 2 for 1 happy hours.) but now, it’s finding moms who have similar things they care about – i.e. cloth diapering. Or maybe you both go to My Gym or swim lessons or whatever it is…but then you have to get out of just the lessons/support group/play group and be friends who happen to be moms. Not just “mom friends” which sounds way more casual.

My mom friends are a nice mishmash of people who are around the same age, younger and older than me. Most of the babies in my playgroup are a couple months older than Ethan (or as little as mere hours/days), but the mom’s I’ve met are so funny, friendly and caring. All of us adore all the babies in the group. On Tuesday coffee dates, it’s guaranteed at least once that you’ll probably hold a baby that’s not yours, that there will be a lot of talk about boobs, nursing, and sleeping (or lack thereof). And it’s just…refreshing to have a group of people who are your age, going through the same ish and can talk about pretty much anything (I mean, if you’re talking about boobs for a couple hours a day at least once per week, you can pretty much talk about anything right?)

baby playgroup

{Last weeks Wednesday playgroup. Ethan’s not quite ready for the playmat just yet. He shat on my lap to protest. You’ll get there buddy. You’ll get there.}

It’s nice though, because while I love and adore my other pals – be them college friends, post college gal pals, or league friends – it’s different to find mom’s that I’ve related to solely through my child and it’s nice to have the fact that we’re all new(ish) moms in common.

How did you make friends as a new parent? 

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  • jenrn13

    It’s so much harder to make new friends now! And I live in a small town, so that makes it even harder (no mom groups, everyone is clicky, etc). :( but, I’ve made a few awesome momma friends via blogging :)

    • legallyheidi

      i’m still fully convinced that bloggy pals are some of the best :) Mostly because of the candidness of blogging. :) :)

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