Weekly Goals: Week 3

by Heidi on June 10, 2013

I can’t help but feel guilty for working out. I was asked this weekend “Do you really work out five days a week?”

Yes. Yes I do.

Why? Working out is an hour to myself. During Barre, running or at yoga. It’s just me. No crying baby (not that Ethan is a huge crier unless it’s a Sunday night and he didn’t really nap well Sunday afternoon and is still hungry even after nursing til he wouldn’t latch well/at all anymore). No husband whining to me about something or other (bless his heart, he doesn’t take care of himself sometimes). Just. Me.

So let’s look at last week…

Monday: rest
Tuesday: barre
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: barre or run (am currently on the waitlist for barre) ended up going to yoga Thursday night because it was the only time I could get out after Adam got home from work – Ethan had his 2 mo. shots on Thursday AM so we laid low during the day.
Friday: yoga…nay. Rested.
Saturday: Run – we took a family run around the track testing out our new jogging stroller attachment. I wanted to see how Ethan would do on a flatter surface that wasn’t so bumpy. We took the stroller over to Bates Middle School and it worked out really well. I’m still not comfortable taking him out on long runs on the streets with it, but Bates will be good for speed work where one of us can be running and one can be walking or doing 1 min sprints with 2 min rest (60/120′s as they’re called in the Army per Hubs).

Mileage for the week: about 5.5

This week’s workouts…

Monday rest (maybe slow run if it’s not raining)
Tuesday barre
Wednesday Striders All Comers Track Meet (5,000m and 800m or 1500m…uncertain which 2)
Thursday barre
Friday yoga/run
Saturday run

I am proud to say that with the exception of Saturday lunch, and Sunday lunch we ate in all week. Which is a first for us especially since Baby hit the scene. Proof that meal planning works friends.

This week’s meals…

Monday - Shrimp tacos
Tuesday - 
Sweet Chicken Sausage over quinoa (modified from this recipe)
Wednesday - Loaded Sweet Potatoes
Thursday - out (I have a Junior League meeting and hubs has an MBA open house. Baby will be hanging out with me and my council :) )
Friday - TBA depending on if Adam goes to drill 1 night early.

Planning for the week, our meals definitely takes the guessing out which makes us less likely to eat out due to sheer laziness. Lunches are usually avocado egg salad sandwiches or PBJ with apples & peanut butter on the side. Breakfast, I usually have a bagel with peanut butter or a smoothie. I find planning better also means less spending when I go grocery shopping. I know what hubs and I both like for our lunches and breakfasts I try to make our meals planned based on what we have so we don’t spend too much and subsequently waste too much if we don’t plan our meals.

Do you plan meals/workouts? If so, do you find it helps you stay on track? 

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  • obinna

    It’s just me http://www.unn.edu.ng

  • StrollerStridesA2

    Workouts have got to be in my routine and they’ve got to be fun and with friends. We go to Stroller Strides everyday… I’m just a smidge sorta biased (lol!) but you should try it… it’s in your area!

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