Ask Heidi Volume 6: Workout Gear

by Heidi on July 13, 2013

Another round of Ask Heidi – as always if you have a question about running, fitness or food (or parenting) – just ask!

Dear Heidi, 

Question about activewear, more specifically Old Navy activewear? What are your thoughts? In fact, maybe a good rundown of affordable/cute activewear would be awesome! 

I’m all for affordable workout clothes! My two favorite lines as of late are Old Navy and Target’s C9 by Champion. Gap and Athleta also have great stuff, that’s a good quality for not too expensive. Granted, I’m not going to lie that most of my workout wardrobe is lululemon thanks to being a former employee (most of those pieces are a couple years old, but I do like to scour their markdowns when they have them), but recently I’ve been broadening my horizons to check out other brands.

However, while it’s cool to save on shorts and tank tops, two pieces of your workout wardrobe you do NOT want to be cheap with

Sneakers. Get yourself fitted, properly. Make sure that you’re wearing sneakers that are supportive of your feet. I did this with my mama up in Vermont last year even though she’s a walker – it helped her a lot. Around Annapolis, go to Charm City Run or Fleet Feet Annapolis (my two favorite running stores) – both stores are super helpful and I’m a big fan of both.

Sports bra. Pre-baby I loved the Flow Y Bra from lululemon that was a great all purpose and WAS supportive enough for me. After baby? I go for the Ta-Ta-Tamer. The aforementioned running shops both often have Girls Night Out events where you can get properly fitted by Moving Comfort which I’ve heard great things about. I haven’t tried them yet myself, but they’re huge advocates on proper support for the girls if you know what I mean.

Other places to check out for activewear: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Aerie, and Victoria’s Secret. I know a lot of people who get amazing workout gear for cheap at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. I’m not a scrounger so digging through racks at Marshall’s or TJMaxx makes me a little stabby. As for Aerie and VS,  I can’t attest to them as I haven’t tried them but I would be careful – I did try on a pair of cute yoga pants from Aerie but they were mostly cotton. I’m so anti-cotton when it comes to my workout gear it’s not even funny. READ THE LABELS! If you’re going to sweat in something, don’t wear cotton. I cringe when I see runners wearing cotton. Cringe and then want to send them to the nearest lululemon or Under Armour.

Here are a couple of sets I put together – one for yoga/barre, one for running/walking with some inexpensive, but cute workout pieces! Hope this helps!

Inexpensive Running/Cardio gear

Options above are from Target, Old Navy & Gap.

Inexpensive Yoga Gear

I have the middle two on top and LOVE them for yoga and barre. Options are from Old Navy and Target. It should be noted that currently Old Navy is having a 20% off sale online and in stores, and on certain Champion gear it’s buy 1 get 1 50% off.

I know girls who are…more well endowed may need more support for running. Like I said, hook yourself up with a supportive jog bra (no pun intended), whether lululemon, Champion C9, Moving Comfort or Under Armour, just try it on. Make sure the girls are happy. But don’t be intimidated by the tanks with built in support for the yoga tops, even if they’re not enough for you, you can always double up, or a friend of mine used to cut the support bands inside and just wear a regular jog bra under. It’s all personal preference but most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable!

What are your favorite work out pieces? Any favorite brands? 

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