Confessions of a Play Group Hussy: Vol 2 – Morning at the Mall

by Heidi on July 18, 2013

hussy1It’s time for another round of Confessions of a Play Group Hussy.

I cheated on one of my play groups the other day. With story time. At Pottery Barn Kids.

Per the suggestion of one of the moms in one of my groups, I hit up the Pottery Barn Kids Story Time. There are two key points that won me over with this story time.

1. It’s short. Pretty sure we were only there for about 25 minutes. Toddlers have short attention spans…even when Shark stories are involved.

2. After you get your passport book stamped five times, you get a $10 credit towards a book! Wahoo!

Baby wasn’t really sure what to think about it all – there was a lot going on and the toddlers well, it was more toddler oriented and he’s just not there yet. But he didn’t fuss too much and we learned about Sharks. Well, we would have if we had been able to hear.

First, let’s talk about sharing and indoor voices for a minute though – I may be singing a different tune when Ethan is totting around but for now I’m going to mildly judge-y.

Parents, when you’re standing around in the back, and you see you child yapping away and running about during story time, you may want to pull them aside and quietly tell them to shut their trap, that other kids are trying to pay attention. Maybe bribe them with whatever it is the kids like these days. A book, toy, or maybe that plush chair on sale for $50 they were sitting on. It’s distracting and when one kid is being distracting you’ve got like ten kids being distracting and then, the mama’s in the back holding their infants because they’re not rude enough to take one of the kiddie seats, can’t. hear. Which leads me to my next ish.

Grandpa, it’s cute that you’re bringing your granddaughter to story time really, it is. But let’s just say for the record, you are WAY too big for that wooden chair next to your darling grand daughter. It’s cool that you want to sit next to her, maybe to make sure she behaves but just remember the rule, you break it, you bought it.

But the real problem with this new story time discovery is that it directly coincides with my Tuesday morning coffee date with a group of fantastic mamas over in Eastport. A coffee shop that I currently hold the 4 square mayorship to (WIN!).

Coffee? Story time? Coffeeeeee??? Or story time….oh the decisions. Especially when there’s a $10 credit to pottery barn kids on the line here.

As I discussed with hubs tonight at dinner, Westfield really has the whole family friendly thing down. I mean, story time at Pottery Barn kids, but then, the reader noted that Williams Sonoma was making slushies for the kiddos. Followed by play time in the kids area, you’ve got your morning taken care of all in the luxury of free air conditioning (I hate having our air conditioning on during the day – we keep the temperature up around 80, and turn it on only when it gets warm, usually in the afternoon. Surprisingly our apartment stays pretty cool and comfortable) then, you go home after lunch in the food court, or maybe at CPK, and boom. Naptime or pool time.

There goes your day, for little effort on your part!

Baby, when you get a bit older, we’re going to have so much fun. But don’t grow up too fast. Stay little. Please.

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