Baltimore Half Training Week 3

by Heidi on August 6, 2013

Last week was a pretty good week training wise.

It didn’t hurt anything that the weather has been mostly cooperative. Thanks mother nature!

I had a solid run Friday night to get in my six miler, and Adam and I did a solid four miles for my tempo run on Wednesday night. I didn’t get my short three miler in, but I did get in a nice brisk 3 mile walk with baby on Sunday morning so that was positive.

This week, we’re off to a rough start…it’s already Tuesday and nothing yet. Whoops?


This week’s workouts…

Wednesday: 800m w/u & c/d with 200/400/800/1200/800/400/200 with a minute rest in between.

Thursday: Yoga or short 3 miler

Friday: walk 2-3 miles

Saturday: 7 mile run with Sarah Jane. We’re meeting at 6:45a….Will have to make sure to have everything laid out ahead of time!

Sunday: travel day (at and coming home from Mommy Con in Philly)

Needless to say, I’ll feel good if I get my running days in this week. Thursday morning baby’s getting his four month shots and I’ll be working from home in the afternoon so he and I can lay low but I do still hope to get my workouts in with a little support from hubs.

And thats the thing I keep reminding myself about this training plan – I allowed myself flexibility. I am a lot stronger than


Slightly off topic but not really…going on in the mama world – a mama in my group was treated horribly on an American Airlines flight. The letter that she got in return has since gone viral on babble, jezebel, consumerist, and buzzfeed among others. Tomorrow AM (well Wednesday) at 10a at least 70 mamas will be conducting a nurse-in at the American Airlines ticketing area at BWI to let them know that their “policy” regarding nursing mothers is just not okay.

No matter what your thoughts on the matter are, whether you think that mama’s should cover up, here’s the deal from one nursing mom to the rest of the world – when you have a baby who doesn’t like covers? I don’t give a crap what your policy is. Ethan? Hates them. He flails, punches, and screams and pushes me away. I’ve said before that he’s never been a great nurser but when he’s covered? Uff. It makes us both miserable.

So when you experience any sort of ill treatment as this mama did, you feel like the rest of the world just doesn’t get it. And often times, they don’t. I love how among the many comments on the related blog posts and facebook shares, so many dudes are like “cover up” and other WOMEN without children are like “no one wants to see that.” Like nursing my child is the grossest thing in the world. What can you see?? Side boob? Hi. I see more walking through the mall. Don’t want to see babies eat? Don’t look. Its as simple as that.

Respect. I’m not going to shove my tatas in your face if you let me nurse my child in peace. My child will not starve or be otherwise put in discomfort while nursing to make the rest of the world not feel awkwardsauce. Sorry. That’s just how it’s going to be. Covers worked for Ethan for a while, up until really recently actually. And I still try to use them when I think he’ll cooperate but 99% of the time he’s like BLAHHHHHHH and screaming baby…in my ear…flailing and slapping me with his baby hands means nobody’s happy.

“If mama ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy.” #truth

Either way, my point here is the next time you see a nursing mama and want to say something or tell her to put a cover on, rethink it. Mind your business and look away.

So tell me friends, what workouts are YOU looking forward to?

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