#AANurseIn…a recap

by Heidi on August 8, 2013

I get a little teary eyed thinking about the American Airlines nurse in yesterday at BWI. Watching the coverage, reading the posts. The comments in response to some of those posts get my blood boiling, but for the most part watching it all unfold has just been…mind blowing and truly shows the power of the internet.

To recap – here’s the original letter from American Airlines after our pal emailed them about her awful experience.


The post quickly went viral and has turned into an international affair as of yesterday getting picked up by the Daily Mail in the UK.

Here’s a clip from one of the local news stations taken yesterday at BWI.

It was a fitting way to end World Breastfeeding Week. Where the main goal is to normalize and bring awareness to breastfeeding. I mean, really, so many people say “it’s been happening for years…discreetly…cover up…” etc… and yet…if it’s been happening for years, why are people associating nursing with sex, strippers, and indecently clad women. I’m not slutting it up in a club, I’m feeding my child. Pretty sure there’s a big difference.

Why do I have to sacrifice mine and my child’s comfort because others can’t handle breasts in their most natural form – feeding children. Others have commented on any of the many articles and blog posts written up about it about “turning away when a cow or a dog feeds their babies/puppies?” Nope. Probably not.

bwi nurse in #aanursein

I keep getting a bit emotional when I think about this all. These women that I stood next to, and this sounds incredibly cheesy but it’s so true – are amazing. The community that they have built, is so incredible. Personally, I said this yesterday on facebook, but there’s no way three or four months ago when I was still getting the hang of breastfeeding, would I have ever had the confidence to go out there and be a part of this. Shit, we did a mini nurse in at Target one Tuesday because one of our pals got a dirty look and a snide comment while she was discreetly nursing her daughter and I didn’t nurse Ethan while we were out.

Three or four months ago, all of our play dates and errands were scheduled around his feedings. Yesterday, I nursed in an airport. Then at a play date at the mall. I bought airfare to visit family down in Charleston where Ethan and I will be traveling…alone.

This newfound nursing confidence didn’t come easily. There were lots of tears, nights when I questioned if I could do it anymore. It’s because of that community, those moms and their never ending advice and encouragement and support that I’m confident we’ll make it to six months. We’ll likely make it to a year. And I’m so proud of baby and I for sticking with it.

They say it takes a village. And it does. So new mamas, find a village and lean on them.

And next time you see a nursing mama, don’t offer her a blanket, don’t stare her with evil eyes…just turn away if you don’t like what you’re seeing. Be an adult and just look away.

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