Confessions of a Playgroup Hussy: The Meet-Up Dilemma

by Heidi on August 28, 2013

hussy1Friends it’s time for another volume of confessions of a play group hussy and boy do I have a rant for today.

I don’t think i’ve been play group hustlin’ as much lately so my tales are fewer and further between. Perhaps it’s the whole going back to work part time thing that’s cramping my style. But really, we’ve found a couple of nice play groups and we’re quite content.

Regardless, I got an email today that kind of made me laugh and I’m about to boycott because of it and the second part of this post.

So the  first part of my rant. Dues.

I’ve noticed a few groups charge dues. They’re not absurd (not like the $40/year that another group in the area charges. That is absurd) but I’m cheap so I’ve put off paying them. Whatever. Meetup says it’s okay to charge dues and that’s cool.

So I get an email today from one of the SIX groups that I like to stalk/am a member of. I’ve been to play dates hosted by three of them, but the other three are a little intimidating for a number of reasons (smaller, older kiddos, etc…) so I’ve begged off from most of the play dates. I haven’t seen many “blanket babies play dates” which are totally our jam.

But today I got an email notifying me that I got booted from one group for not paying dues. And for not going to any events. The latter is totally legit, I get it, you want active members, but so many of your “meetups” have 1, maybe 2 mamas confirmed.

Now dues are legit. If you can say where they go to. One group (which I will pay dues for – $6 by December) has a whole page to revenue, and expenditures. They paid for a pavilion for a big family picnic and bought supplies. They paid for the meetup costs ($70/biannually). But they list it all out. That my friends is legit.

$5 a year, from 90-100 mamas, what the EFF are you doing with $500?? Because you’re not paying for my drinks at mom’s night out, and you’re not renting pavilions at Quiet Waters. No, no, you’re posting flipping Barnes & Noble Story time.


Okay. No big loss. We’re down to like…5 meet up groups. (And five on facebook – 3 over lap groups from meetup).

So the same goes for another group – except this one is bigger. I haven’t been kicked out of this group…yet. Though I haven’t paid my dues which I think were due in July.

I was going to go pay them, to be all legit since there’s a couple of events I plan on going to coming up.

So as I go to the paypal page…I notice an extra 30 – 50 cents for Maryland Sales Tax.

What the effing eff?

You’re not selling me anything. And if you’re not smart enough to set up the proper pay pal sale then no. No I will not pay your  five effing dollar dues. Pardon my (implied) french family but really? REALLY? Be smarter than the internets friends. Be. Smarter. I’ll pay them, but I’m not going to pay that effing sales tax my friends. I will get around it whether I have to hand the organizer a $5 bill the next time i see her.

The best was the comment from a pal of mine who runs another group of a couple hundred mamas that I have had great luck with mind you…

 I agree. I’m part of a group of over 200 people and they started charging $5 per person… The meetup charge is $70 every 6 months. I’d like to know why they need so much extra money and never disclose where they spend. Chances are they pocket it.

Now if you disclose what it goes to then that’s all groovy. But with no disclosure? How do i know you’re not just pocketing the dough? I dunno, if you have so much time that you can stay on top of members who attend events and pay dues then I commend you. Shiiiiit, I can barely stay on top of our chores around the house let alone

In the mean time, time to stalk down more mama groups! The more the merrier right?

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  • Erin W

    Spot on. Love it! Rant on, Mama. Rant on.

  • Tracie Rathsack

    Oh, by the way, the next coffee is going to cost $4 – just fyi. I plan on spending it on more coffee. LOL

    • legallyheidi


      I’m going to start collecting a toll into Aahh coffee. Going to use it for the Mamas Need more wine support fund for mamas who are sleep deprived and surviving on coffee and wine.

  • Sonya

    I’ve never heard of such a thing! Is it pretty universal across the country? I guess I always assumed mom groups rotated the places they were at and every one just took care of their own share. I do agree if you’re going to be paying, they better be showing me where my money is going.

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