#TripNorth awesomeness part 2: Burlington Farmers Market

by Heidi on September 6, 2013

{See Part 1: Long Trail Brewery}

Since we had just about two full days in Vermont, we spent Saturday with my mom’s side and Sunday with my grandparents and cousin. Saturday morning though, we took Ethan into Burlington which, has gotten a million times more awesome than it was when I lived there as a teenager.

Awesome Part #1: Skinny Pancake.

We met up with my friend Tyrel, his girlfriend and his brother for breakfast on Saturday. He suggested the Skinny Pancake which was perfect since I always love hitting up downtown B-town. I had heard of Skinny Pancake – well, seen it. It’s right next to Waterfront Park which is where the VT City Marathon ends.

skinny pancake burlington vt

Quite simply, it was amazing. Skinny Pancake is an awesome concept – they prove that you can eat good, local and healthy foods. A majority of their menu is from Vermont meats, cheeses and veggies. They buy up local veggies and fruits in the summer to sustain them through the winter – a concept I love!

skinny pancake burlington

I had the Crepe Monsieur which is VT Cheddar cheese and maple cured ham with a side of Vermont Maple Syrup. It was delicious. Adam and I also split a side of hash browns that were delightful albeit slightly overcooked.

After our delicious breakfast, we headed up to Church Street to meet up with my brother. There weren’t really any plans so we wandered around Church Street and made our way over to the Burlington Farmers Market which is MASSIVE!!! It puts every farmers market here in Annapolis to shame.

Awesome Part #2: The Farmers Market

There were so many vendors. So much awesomeness – so many veggies. I didn’t buy any – they wouldn’t have lasted the trip. Womp womp.

And wine. This is from Snow Farm Winery in South Hero, Vermont. We ended up buying a bottle of their Rose Red which was delicious. I’d love to go check out the winery on a future trip – South Hero isn’t too far from my mom’s house and is about an hour from my sisters.

I’m not usually into the whole super organic, grass-fed stuff, but really? Let’s be honest. It really is better.  I don’t need to read dozens of healthy living blogs to know that. I tried everything I could try and the all natural stuff? Really just tastes better. It’s such a better quality of food. We ended up grabbing lunch at the market, I had a falafel wrap that was delightfully satisfying, and we split a couple of dumplings that were perfectly doughy and flavorful.

Church Street, was as usual pretty incredible. We grabbed some Lake Champlain Chocolates, a cute body suit for Ethan (that was way expensive for a body suit but the girl who was working the cart designed it herself! And it was printed down the road! And it had all the different spellings for Cree-mee’s on it! If you haven’t had a New England Cree-mee then you are missing. Out. 

Then we had family time. My sister and I went for a walk in Vergennes. We drank the wine we bought. It was all good.

Stay tuned for part 3 and 4  coming up next week!

What’s your favorite farmers market find?

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