Sunday Reading vol. 1

by Heidi on October 6, 2013

It’s Sunday and we’re suffering a nasty cold that’s got me on this roller coaster of one day being fine and the next feeling like I’m getting punched in the sinuses. Baby has a bout of a cough that we’re concerned is croup, and hubs well…he woke up feeling like he got hit by a mack truck. Of course baby waking up for an hour at 12:30a with a coughing fit unable to go back down helps no one but whatever. All this is making me feel a bit better about deferring my half next weekend.

Until then, here’s some great reads around the internets for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

-I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I own half of these items. If you’ve turned 30 or are about to turn 30, check this list from Buzzfeed out and see what items you own.

-One of my favorite Baltimore ladies blogged about her must try squash recipes this fall. Perfect timing since I’m on a huge squash kick after our trip to Larriland Farms in Howard County last weekend. I have one more acorn squash and one more spaghetti squash – might use one of these recipes to cook it up this week!

-I know a few people having babies over the next few months, let’s all take a refresher on new baby visits etiquette.

-I love the Blog Tips from Healthy Living Bloggers – and I really like this post on building your blog as a brand. I’m still working on that but we’re getting there!

-Some of these I agree with – not all – add to them a few trends we’ve seen over the years in the HLB community – overnight oats, taking pictures of everything I eat and the worst – taking pictures of myself eating. People, no one needs to see that.

-This post to my postpartum self was so inspiring and hilarious and oh so accurate. Every new mama should read.

-This. All of this – why all healthy living bloggers are not the same. I consider myself a healthy living blogger, but I also consider myself a lifestyle blogger and a pseudo-mommy blogger. Also if I don’t like your blog, if I find you boring, I’m not going to read. I’ve not hesitated to take bloggers off my reader because really…ain’t nobody got time for that.

-I want to make this. I want to be super excited for halloween. I don’t even know where to start but I want to be festive for Ethan’s sake. Even if he doesn’t get it…yet. Here’s a good guide on how to make the first halloween special, I’ll be following all of these for the next month.



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    I love that you don’t have half that stuff on the Buzzfeed list. I have most of those things, on and off. Because tights snag. Swimsuits lose their shape. Cast Iron can also get ruined. Ankle boots are not flattering. And I never go anywhere :P Sometimes you just need essentials and other things take priority. Like babies <3. And kitty litter.

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