5 Reasons I love my credit union

by Heidi on December 13, 2013

When hubs worked on the hill, he joined the credit union for hill staffers.

mymm_post_008_mycu I can’t begin to tell you why that single decision was one of the best he ever made. That bank account, was our first joint bank account – just about a week after we got engaged. Probably before we even had the date set to our wedding.

Credit Unions, for those of you not in the know are non profit cooperatives that exist to provide financial benefits to their members. They are member owned and thus any “profits” come back to the members in the form of low interest rates, rebates and dividends.

There are so many reasons why we love our credit union, why we tell all of our friends to find a credit union, I can’t possibly share all of them but I will share the top five.

1. They’re compassionate. Hubs and I haven’t had the easiest of time since we’ve been engaged with our finances, but our Credit Union has worked with us, been more understanding when we call them with hardship requests and more flexible with payment dates. They won’t be tacking on a $35 fee at 12:01a the day after our car loan is due if we miss it by a day or two – they actually have a 5 day grace period!

2. Lower APRs. In comparison to other banks, who feed off high APRs, we’ve never had one – not even for our credit union visa – that was over 10%. How’s that for winning?

3. They’re member focused. Everything they do, has the members best interest at heart. This makes sense since Credit Unions are member owned thus the banks work for the members not for

4. They’re convenient. Even when we lived in CT, we were able to use a credit union that was near by to make deposits. Here in Annapolis, we use a credit union down the road from us so we don’t have to drive into DC every time we need to take money out or make a deposit.

5. They support their communities. I love that credit unions support their communities by not only providing financial literacy education courses for their members to make more informed decisions. Our credit union alone has donated large amounts to the Capital Caring Hospice, and best of all, they’re the hosts of the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. How cool is that?


Are you a member of a credit union? What do you love about your credit union? 

This post is sponsored by Make Your Money Matter, in association with PCSU, though all views expressed are my own.

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