30 before 30

1. Learn to golf and complete an 18 hole course
2. Visit a winery 2.21.11 Horton winery with my girlfriends; 9.12 Boordy and DeJon Vineyards in MD with Hubs and pals
3. Take a trip out of the country
4. See the pacific ocean
5. Go hiking Old Rag Mountain, VA 7.11 with the husband
6. Complete 30 days of Yoga
7. Finish going around the world at Rams Head Tavern
8. Become a certified personal trainer {May/June 2012}
9. Start (and complete) a scrapbook of my 20′s
10. Go to Disney World
11. Buy a bike {8/22/11}
12. Be a vegetarian for a month
13. See a Yankees game (7/3/10)
14. Try Bikram Yoga (8/7/11)
15. Hike Mount Washington in NH
16. Go Blonde again (11/2/2010)
17. Go to a concert u2 7.11 and 6.11
18. Eat in every night for a month
19. Be published in a magazine (or have the blog featured in a magazine)
20. Don’t go shopping for a whole month
21. See a Broadway show (not quite the same but we did see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center for Christmas 2012, I’ll count it!)
22. Go Paddle boarding
23. Go on a pub crawl JL Annapolis Bar Crawl 8.20.11
24. Run an international race
25. Complete the 100 pushup challenge
26. Join a running club Joined the Annapolis Striders 4.10.12
27. Run 12 races in 1 year {done}
28. Find a mentor
29. Complete a Triathlon {in progress}  {7.21.2012}
30. Celebrate my last night of my 20′s in style

{will keep track and blog about each and link to the post here when completed! All will be completed by 4/12/2013}

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