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I started running when I was young. I remember my first mile road race in 3rd grade on a bright sunny day in North Bennington, VT with my after school running club that I became a part of by chance.

A few years later, I joined track and field at the age of 14 in 8th grade and continued through high school earning a varsity letter in track and field, as well as Nordic skiing and cross country running.

I didn’t pursue running in college mostly because I was burnt out by that point and I knew my speed was lackluster so  I ran recreationally on the treadmill and around campus. However, it was senior year of college on Marathon Monday after I met two of my peers that finished the race while I hung out on the roof of a frat house overlooking Commonwealth Avenue that the idea that someday, I too might finish a marathon popped into my mind.

After graduating from Northeastern University in May 2006 with a B.S in Political Science, I  moved to Washington, DC with a thousand dollars to my name and no job. I had just broken up with my college boyfriend and was beyond lost. Add college style drinking, a few bad jobs, you could say I crashed into my quarter life crisis. Then I met Adam.

We dated. We clicked. We got engaged. We got married. He’s been my partner and best friend since September 2006.

In 2007, during one particularly bad stint of employment with a boss berated her employees daily, I decided to run my first marathon. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon, studied training plans (and didn’t follow them), and half heartedly trained but finished! The bug was in me.

In 2008 I ran Hartford and a handful of other road races. I shaved an hour off my time by focusing on speed work and long runs. In 2009 I ran my best marathon to date in 5:31:34 in Burlington, VT with my dad and grandfather cheering me on at the finish. Four months later, Adam and I were hitched and two months after that we moved to Fairfield County, CT. It was here where I worked for lululemon athletica and embraced their culture of fitness as my lifestyle.

Nowadays, we live, work and play in Annapolis, MD on the shores of the Chesapeake. The husband is currently a member of the Maryland National Guard and I serve as Vice President of Communications for the  Junior League of Annapolis, inc.

My blog is a place where I muse over the pursuit of happiness while seeking a healthy lifestyle and balancing life as a new mother. I run half marathons and other shorter road races these days.  However, as with many healthy living enthusiasts, it’s a constant struggle to defeat the lazy, balance the struggles of life and motherhood and I hope that my blog motivates others to be active and live the healthiest life they can.

All thoughts here are my own and are not reflective of any current or previous employers. Or necessarily my husband.


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  • http://elvisblog.wordpress.com elvis

    Hey, Your life seems a pretty good one. Your interests are just the thing. Nice pictures you got there. Your read poetry?

  • http://imaynotbefamous.blogspot.com AmyJean aka Relentless Bride

    I have to say you sound like an awesome person. Curious though, “new england born and bred” but a yankees fan? that’s odd, although my FH is a die hard yanks fan (i’m an angels fan :( disappointing to lose yet again to those damn r.sox) I’m in penn quarter and we have two pups! i’m adding you to my link list b/c you seem like a down a$$ chick :)

  • Kristin

    Stopping by from SITS. Hi! I’m a wannabe runner (crazy to say because I NEVER wanted to run before). I’ve started to enjoy it as a cheap and easy way to drop the baby weight. I’m completely impressed by people that can manage more than a 5K and I love getting motivation from them.

    • legallyheidi

      thanks for stopping by! :)